Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Mon, Feb. 6th, We checked out a couple of Casinos.

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler,since August 2006 

Where are we today ?

        Monday yes! Exciting, sunny and the beginning of a brand new week. Wonder what kind of things we are going to get into this week? No real plans just kinda hang out enjoy the weather and do things as they pop into our heads or whatever we feel like at the moment. Of course the first few hours we are computing, blogging, drinking coffee and waiting for the sunshine to warm the early morning air.

        Now by 9 am its not too bad outside so after a nice walkabout I got out a bit of paint and painted the support brackets we had welded under our generator last week, can't see them but wanted to protect the steel somewhat from corrosion. Now next on my list was to clean up the plastic headlight lenses on our coach. I had picked up a small kit the other day for nine dollars and set out to see if it worked. Wow, in a matter of a few minutes they cleaned up from a dull yellow to like new.
Before                                            After
        Well that took care of  most of the morning, then we had a bite for lunch and thought maybe we would wander over to Laughlin and pick up a players card for The Edgewater Casino and resort.
the Edgewater
        They have a good price for their buffets and meals if you have a players card and appear to be the only casino here this year that gives any freebees for joining their club and getting a players card. We got five dollars free slot play and got lucky, we were able to play for about and hour on that. Then a walkabout the casino to check out the restaurants and the riverwalk for a bit, but it was little too windy to enjoy today.

        Now we wandered on over the Aquarius Casino Resort to check it out as well. Interesting just walking about these places for a bit checking out the sights and sounds, then again a quick look outside at the riverwalk.
riverwalk patio
        Now enough casinos for one day, Suzie wants to get her hair trimmed so back to Bullhead and drive along the main street looking for a suitable place to have this done. we found a few that were closed monday, so just carried on until guess where, Walmart.  More beautiful than ever with lightly trimmed hair she says lets go home to find a sunny spot out of the wind to enjoy our books for the rest of the afternoon.

        We parked the car to use as a windbreak and all is good. Until is time to fire up our Weber and fry daddy for some home made fries and a grilled salmon burger, a nice tasty, light supper.
tasty salmon burger
        While cooking supper I noticed three rabbits on the site behind us, across the wash, looks like they were just hanging out there. I snapped a picture and upon editing it noticed what appears to be carrots on the ground, no wonder they like that campsite!
rabbits hanging out
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  1. George, I learn so much from you ... lol.
    Our headlights are yellowing as well, but I thought those kits were not effective. Surprise !!
    Thanks for the info ... Trent

  2. Trent:
    No problem, when we find things that might be useful to others I like to pass it along. I found an inexpensive kit and thought it would be worth a try, yep it was.

  3. Colin says to tell you that there is also a kit for your tail lights.

  4. Contessa:
    Thanks our tail lights are fine, no problem there.


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