Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tues.Feb 21st Historic "Route 66"

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006

Where are we today ?

        Are we having fun yet? You betcha, upright and breathing sounds like fun to me. The sun is shining, the weather is warm and we are living our dream. So the standard warm early morning, coffees,  computing, walkabouts, chat with neighbors and a quick trip to the store for some cheap beer, oh and a bit of food too.

        We had decided that today we would together take a small tour of the village of Needles California. Its a small tour because its a small town. And kinda sad to see like so many other towns on "Historic Route 66" they are almost turning into ghost towns too. Down the main street 4 lanes wide and deserted, most of the very nice, some almost almost new and old buildings are boarded up. Old motels, gas stations, motels closed or abandoned, even a few restaurants too. But a few survivors here. We went to the Museum and did a quick tour there with some interesting history of the area (no pictures allowed).
        Next store was a thift store, now that was fun as most thrift stores are, good deals to be had but nothing we needed.
Museum and Thrift store
        We walked around the corner and found another thrift store, more fun, looking for a few minutes.
        Then another beautiful mural of days gone by, Scenic Route "66"

El Graces Hotel
        Across the street is the "El Graces Hotel" and the town square( more info on the hotel (here). Both under renovations but they ran out of money. Hopefully they will be restored some time in the near future. At some point in the past this was a booming town, with passenger train service, a huge hotel/ restaurant, many motels and restaurants and businesses when the Mother Road Route 66 was the main highway from Chicago to Los Angeles. 

        Now with the interstate highway system by passing these towns, set up some 50 or more years ago these places are now pretty much ghost towns, trying to be tourist attractions.

        After all this excitement we had, its time to head back home relax with our books and enjoy this awesome California weather for a while. Then a sociable "happy hour" with our neighbors before time fire up our Weber to grill a couple of salmon filets accompanied by a tasty rice pilaf and fresh baked buttermilk biscuits (Pillsbury type).
tasty yes!
        Now supper done and the sun is muffled in the clouds before setting, winding up another awesome day!
good night

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  1. Enjoyed the tour and history of the area. Just proves you don't have to spend a lot of money to have a good time. A cold beer and that dinner looked like the perfect ending to a great day.

  2. Allen and Lolita:

    No we don't usually spend a lot of money, there is so much to do that is free. Or almost, drink our own beer, make our own delicious meals and generally seeing the sights, we have fun.

  3. So many old dusty towns here in the southwest & it's one of the characteristics that attract us here. They begin in Texas & can be found all the way into California. Living ghost towns at their finest.....

  4. We had heard of Needles in the past but it was usually associated with the high heat during the summer. When we visited there we were amazed to see that it was just a very small town too. Enjoy yourselves!

  5. Al:

    Yes the living ghost towns are very interesting for sure. And part of our attraction to these areas.

  6. Wanderin"

    Yes a very small almost ghost town, with very high heat in the summer for sure.

  7. great tour...nice to just meander around and not have to pay high touristy prices to see some great things...enjoy

  8. We love all the smaller towns, that's why we stay off the interstate highways as much as possible. America is not found on the interstates! Yum! Your salmon dinner looks good!

  9. Elaine and Happy Trails:

    Wander about, small towns, free sights all is good here in southern Arizona and California.

  10. I think I like the Bayfield Bunch's comment. I think those living ghost towns are pretty neat looking. I would really hate to see things get too touristy. One day we want to drive the Historical Route 66. One day!

    Kevin and Ruth

  11. Kevin and Ruth:

    Yes you are right they said it perfectly. We have seen quite a few sections of Route 66, some areas more touristy than others but most are living ghost towns our wannabe tourist attractions. I am sure one day (like you said) you will enjoy some of it.


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