Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, February 06, 2012

Feb. 5th, Superbowl Sunday ?

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        A sunny Superbowl Sunday are we excited? Sure we excited, the sun is shinning, its pretty warm, we are upright and breathing and healthy enough to be able to enjoy this fantastic lifestyle. Are we excited about the Superbowl? Well we tried, no being sports fans it's kinda hard. Turned the TV o a US channel for the pre game stuff. Suzie read her book while I made her some mini pecan tarts with a rich pastry of butter, cream cheese and spelt flower.
mini pecan tarts
        Then we got our chairs out and found a sunny spot out of the wind (I moved the car to block it). A beautiful day to enjoy our books outside. And a whole bunch of Gambels Quails were making a heck of a noise across the road, then came running across , and behind our neighbour's trailer, that's our exciting entertainment for the day. The game was on inside waiting for us. We could have went to the clubhouse with a big super bowl party, snack and beverages, but could not see the point in that, had fun here.
the Quails

        Then we finally went back inside, the tv was on but volume was muted, I whipped up some Yorkshire pudding to go with tonight's tasty supper, a tender roast beef, gravy, potatoes and carrots that had been in our slow cooker all day. Suzie reading her book. While eating supper the half time show came on and we turned up the volume to watch Madonna do her stuff. Then mute the tv again so we could chat.
Yorkshire pudding
        Sorry sponsors, we missed the commercials and the game for that matter, don't know who won, not even sure who was playing. But we did enjoy the half time show and a wonderful sunny day just puttering around.
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  1. Those pecan tarts and Yorkshire pudding look yummy! I have never baked with spelt flour. Does it bake up like regular flour?

    Those quails are so cute. A couple of those would have made a good meal for you and Suzie.

  2. Mike and Dee:

    Spelt flour is more course, and has a nice nutty like texture and taste. Maybe like a graham cracker crust not as sweet, very nice.

  3. Not a bad sounding day. Enjoyed all the pictures in yesterdays blog. Great looking Sunday dinner, those tarts looked delicious. Have a Great Week!

  4. Allen and Lolita:

    Thanks for stopping by and enjoying our journey.

  5. never had yorkshire pudding so I guess I must put it on the list or just wait till we meet up :)

  6. Hey, you're using the spelt flour! Good for you! Pretty soon you'll be able to bake all the way gluten-free for me! (spelt is an ancient form of wheat, so no good for me, maybe ok for others though). Can you do it with rice flour?

  7. heyduke50:

    Yorkshire pudding is a tradition British accompaniment to a sunday roast beef dinner, someday we will cross paths I am sure.


    You could try it with rice flour I am sure.

  8. Our RV park at home is home to these quail. Love the babies in the spring, tiny little walnut size things running everywhere.

  9. You know that you really don't help those of us who are needing to watch our waistlines...what a great looking meal, makes me hungry!

  10. kcgaz:

    Sorry about that but moderation does help. And I try!

  11. Ken, if you are following George and Suzie, you will see many amazing meals made by George. He is a wonderful cook!

  12. love the looks great too...we have a daughter who is celiac so I frequently cook gluten free meals for her..upon our return home I will have to probably have a refresher course...we did pretty much the same as you folks did on super bowl sunday :)

  13. Typo my post above, I meant to say "Kevin". Sorry. (Kevin and Tracy of


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