Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fri. Feb.10th, Woke up this morning....

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006

Where are we today ?
Bullhead City AZ.

        Woke up this morning and oh what a beautiful day, upright and breathing I had to pinch myself because I had no back pain. Wow what a wonderful feeling! I could stand up straight sit comfortably and all seemed great even a walkabout the resort with only a few minor back spasms. And to top it all off it was very warm 70f (21c) before 8 am, bright blue skies and no wind!
our sunrise looking east
moonsetting in the west
        Now I phoned the chiropractor at 8 o'clock (he opens at 6:30am! ) to get another adjustment, make sure all is gonna stay in place, he took me right away and I was back home shortly after 9. Now I am feeling awesome, so another walkabout and relax for a bit then meet with Rick and Suzy, we are going to the Edgewater Casino for a buffet breakfast only $4.99.
Rick and Suzy with their new house and towed
        Rick drove us there in their new car (nice!) and we passed a huge flat bed trailer load that looked strange. Hug containers but completely covered with netting.
         On closer inspection we notice it was a whole trailer load of bees wow!
look closely and you can see thousands of bees inside the net.
        Across the river to Laughlin and the Edgewater Casino.
the Edgewater
        They signed up for their free players card in order to get the buffet special price then off we went to have our fill of breakfast. All the goodies there and pretty good for a buffet, also made to order omelettes and eggs. It's hard to mess up a breakfast. Then we were off to the slots gotta use up the  $5.00 free slot play that they were given with the new players card.

        Now enough of this inside stuff and noisy casino, its a beautiful day. So out to walk off breaky along the riverwalk, and check out the sites, after all there is no wind today and its actually hot! Lovin it.
clear water of the Colorado River
Rick, Suzy and Suzie
small cruise boat
        Along the riverwalk to the south it ends at the Colorado Belle casino that looks like a huge riverboat including all the wonderful decorations inside. To bad you can't take pictures inside the casinos.
Colorado Belle
       By the entrance there was ponds with huge fish splashing around and for 25 cents Suzie got a hand full of fish food to throw in a bit at a time. It was entertaining to watch the ducks and fish scramble for the food.

        Below is the water taxi and a small sightseeing boat on the river.
        Now a few hours of Casino fun, walkabouts, sightseeing and lotsa exercise we headed back home to relax for a bit in the shade with our books. At 4 o'clock time for a happy hour or two solving all the problems of the world.

        Don't want stay too late so back home we can still sit out and read until almost 6:30pm.
        After our large late breakfast we were still not hungry so will cancel a big supper tonight and instead enjoy a bowl of popcorn and fresh apple, one of our favourites we have not had for a while.
tonights supper
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  1. Finally caught up with your last few days. You are lucky to be able to find a chiropractor that could help you so quickly. Wishing you a pain free and windless day.

  2. Contessa:

    Thanks for the wishes, so far no more wind and no more pain, awesome!

  3. Glad that your back is just about normal again. Love the blue skies, ours have been overcast the last few days but still warm temps so we aren't complaining.


  4. Kevin and Ruth:

    The warmth is great but sunny blue skies are even nicer!


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