Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, February 24, 2012

Thurs. Feb.23rd. Lets go south for a bit!

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006

Where are we today ?

          The weather is getting warmer now, sleeping with all the windows open and taking the comforter off the bed. Up early as usual, coffee, computing walkabout, showers, jacks up slide in and "On The road Again" by 9 am.

        Leaving Needles and heading south on parts of route "66" then US 95. Not a major highway just two lane, but good roads and heading south thru the desert. For about two hours a straight line maybe turn here and there around a hill, lots DIPS thou. Big dips, small dips, lotsa dips almost like a roller coaster ride. Certainly not boring that's for sure. The dips are in the road for when the monsoons come in the summer with major flash floods.
210 miles today
Dips and dips a fun rollercoaster ride today.

        We followed the Colorado river all the way south to Blythe California, were we rounded a bend in the road and wow! green. Irrigated fields planted with various crops such a contrast.
        Now onto I-10 and head east 20 miles to Quartzsite.

        Into town and its all but deserted now only one month after we were here for the big RV show, with thousands of other rver's and the huge crowds.
La Mesa RV lot empty
        But it was time for lunch and a fast food fix at Carl's jr, did the trick with a good messy burger and fries. Now down the street to the Quartzsite General store, stop and see the butcher to pick up 4 more mouth watering smoked pork chops.

Tyson Wells vendors pretty well gone
deserted streets
The big Tent is gone until next year
Rice Ranch campground empty again
that's where we stayed , a few stragglers left
now carry onto Yuma
yellow desert flowers on the side of the road
lotsa Farm wagons for cotton

harvesting the veggies by hand
        Now about 1:30 pm we arrived at Pilot Knob Rv Resort , right next to Pilot Knob Peak
        There was a bit of a lineup for check in we were number 5 in line. A busy time of the year, with a lot of people on the move.

        Now 20 minutes later we are all set up and relaxing in the shade, its a wonderful 85f today. We have a friendly dog from next door, with big blue eyes, that likes to visit and be petted.
        Now once we had our site number Suzie called our friends Mike and Wendy staying in the area and they dropped over for "Happy hour". So nice to see them again, last time was just over a year ago, when they came to Quartzsite for the RV show.
Wendy and Mike
        We have a very nice visit and heard all about their two month visit to Australia visiting their son and his family there, shared some fantastic pictures. 

        Well visits and good times always seem to go to fast and before we knew it was time for them to leave and head back home. The sun was setting and it was getting dark out.
        Back inside, windows open, fan on, love this warm weather! Have a bit of a snack read for a bit, 10 minutes of tv, then call it a night.

        Tomorrow morning we are going to hunt down some new eyeglasses.
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  1. We seem to be planning our adventures just opposite of each other. Glad you had a good safe trip to Yuma!

  2. Wanderin':

    We seem to do that alot always going the wrong way. Headed south when we should soon be heading north.

  3. what???? no supper picture tonight??? Cause you ate out yesterday :).....looks like you had a super travel day....gorgeous dog...

  4. Elaine:

    Sorry no supper, no picture, lunch out and a few snacks with happy hour and we were done. Yes a beautiful dog.

  5. Marilyn had great success at Algodones Optical. Two pair for US$180. Trifocals, one pair is sun glasses. she loves them.

  6. Larry:

    Yep me too! Two pair trifocals 2250 pesos (left over from Mazatlan) only $175. one pair Transistion lenses.

  7. you are now visiting areas that we are thinking about wintering in next winter...

  8. Heyduke;

    We just love this area, have been here many times and will continue to return, and explore as long as we can. Totally different than Florida, hope you like it!

  9. Hey, George ... We will be passing by Quartzsite on Sunday. Can you just pull over anywhere to camp for a night, or do we have to register somewhere or ??
    Thanks, Trent

  10. TnT:

    So many places to dry camp, some free 14 days camping areas maybe a host, some you need to pay LTVA $40.00 for two weeks, some you can pay by the night, or maybe find a spot somewhere. There is also about 70 campgrounds (they are pretty empty), that you can stay at too. Pretty quiet now almost a ghost town but still a few vendors around.


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