Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Thurs. Feb 16 th Heading Home?

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006
Where are we today ?

Did it again, wrong date on the Blog! good thing my baby sister keeps an eye on me! Thanks sis.

        Well here we are leaving Bullhead City, the end of the line for this winters journey. Our original plan was to maybe head north from here to Vancouver Island and travel east thru Canada back home to Ontario. But plans are made to be changed and we decided that its a little to early in the year for us to head north. Its gonna be much cooler, possibly snow and ice, a lot more miles to drive and not a lot of campgrounds not open at this time of year.

        So we packed up this morning and are making our way south to enjoy some warmer temperatures on the way back home. Not in a hurry thou, leaving the resort to hwy 95 follow thru Bullhead City along the Colorado River a total distance today of 24 miles. And very windy again!
24 miles today
        While passing thru Fort Mohave we stopped to fuel up our coach, the first time in over a month. It only took 50 gallons of fuel but here in Arizona it was $3.27 a gallon (.86 cents a liter) wait till you see the prices in California.
we past some farmers plowing dusty fields
        A few minutes later we crossed over the river and are in Needles California, the three states of Nevada, Arizona and California all meet here.
Welcome to Needles
        Now right away we know we are in California, fuel prices! Our fillup would have cost us $66.00 more, we like to save money where we can.
California gas $4.59 a gallon 
        Now all checked into North Shore Rv resort and set up with a nice view of the Colorado River thru the palm trees. And a quick trip to check out the town and pick up a few groceries. Most of Needles is on the Historic route "66 "with some nice murals and old businesses still operating, a nostalgic trip.
        Now the Original Burger Hut looks interesting
The Original Burger Hut
        The Best Motel rooms $22.00 and a hot dogs, chips and a beer only $3.99. Sure beats a fast food place I think.
the Best motel?
        Back to the resort, a walkabout and check it out, not large but quite nice right here on the Colorado River, with a beach, boat launch ramp and dock, riverfront sites (very windy today thou), clubhouse, games room and a nice heated pool and hot tub, and its not crowded here!
beach on the river

nice homes across the river
nice pool and hot tub
        Just puttering around chatting with a few new neighbors then tonight my craving is a burger and homemade fries. We are sheltered from the wind here so got out the Weber Q100 and fry daddy. So fire it all up relax with a brew, supper is done and all is good.
here's home for a week
        Now here is our new home for a week a quiet, smaller, nice clean resort, hardly any wind. I think we will enjoy it here.
tasty burger and homemade fries
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  1. That AZ fuel price was great! Thanks for the comparison, reminds us of how cheap gas is here. Even in California, it's cheaper than in Ontario.

  2. Safe travels...that hamburger sure looks great!

  3. Michael and Dee:
    Got that right.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Yes again, a small world.

  4. Fuel prices!!! They climb and climb and climb. In Germany they were $2.30 a liter! (Gas) and about $2.20 (diesel) They are NUTS! Fuel taxes make for a total of 80% of the pump price.

    Re.: California I wonder when it will go up for them that they are hurting their tourism industry. We, for our part, are not EVER gonna fill diesel or gas in California, meaning we are not gonna travel far into that State.

  5. Peter and Bea:
    Yep we hear you that's why we do what we do, Travel a bit in California but make sure we buy our fuel out of state!

  6. Wow, I never knew gas prices were that high in Cali....

    That is outrageous, we better fill up before we get to Desert Hot Springs next month.

    Thanks for the heads up, George !!

  7. TnT:

    No problem enjoy Desert Hots Springs.


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