Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mon. Feb. 20th, Love Casino deals!

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America 
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006

Where are we today ?

        More sunshine, warm weather and taking life easy. Great for a holiday monday, Presidents Day here and Family Day back home in Ontario. Coffees, computing walkabouts, chat with a few neighbors. Its all good. Down by the river again, and chat with a few more people, commenting  that the river level is dropping a bit. It's controlled by many dams on it's long journey south. The Hoover dam, Davis Dam and Parker Dam to name a few that I know of. But we are in a nice spot.
a nice Pet Beach
a launch ramp for your boat
nice homes across the river
our people beach
        Now we checked out a few things and found out that AVI Resort and Casino has a Monday Buffet Special that sounds good. So at 11:30 am  we hop in the car and drive from California across the river to Arizona north a bit , back across the river to Nevada and we arrive at the casino 20 minutes later at 10:50 am. The time zones can really screw you up here, but we got it figured out sometimes!
Thru the desert to Avi Resort and casino
here we are
        In the Casinos they really don't want you to take pictures, I would just love to, but....
So once here we walk past hundreds of slot machines to get a players card and take advantage of the deals. And a few minutes later we have our free players card and can now go for the lunch buffet deal.  It's only $7.99 with our card, bit on Monday's its two for one, good deal eh? Its a pretty decent buffet, they have pretty well all you could want Mexician, roast turkey, ham, pork loin, beef ribs, salmon, shrimp, catfish, chicken, soups, rices, vegetables, varieties of potatoes, pasta, pizza, an excellent salad bar and amazing deserts including sugar free and make you own soft ice cream sundays.

        I think that was a good deal now and for $2.00 I can have a large draft beer as well, so $9.99 we had a feast for the two of us (more than we should have eaten, but it was soo good). Now the deal did not stop there, for getting a new players card we each got $5.00 free play on the slot machines. So now we gotta use up that $5.00 worth on entertainment that lasted close to 45 minutes for each of us on the penny machines, loose, win, loose, win, loose, win then loose it all. At one point Suzie could have walk away with nine dollars but what the heck, either we win big or play until its gone.

        Then we just walked about the casino and checked out the beautiful pool area and beach outside right on the river. A little cool to swim but still a  beautiful day.
the Avi Beach
        Even a pontoon plane here picking up someone from the hotel.

a hotel customer flying out
        Now a fun day of eating, gambling and checking out the area at a total cost of $9.99  back in the car for a quiet desert drive back to our resort and relax with our books in the sun for a while.
a nice desert drive
desert and green fields along the way 
        Now about 4 it was time for a Happy (social) hour with our new neighbors Cliff and Greta from Alberta. They have been full time now for 17 years and have loved every minute of it. He thinks maybe when he turns 80 (in three years) they may ? retire from rving, he promised himself 20 years of this lifestyle, maybe more. So we chatted and chatted some more, Suzie got to play with another neighbor's dog that walked by getting her dog fix once again.
one of many campground dogs
        Ok let these people have supper now, we can go back home, finish reading our books. Kinda nice we don't have to stop to eat, did enough of that today!

        Wonder what kind of deals we can find tomorrow! Thanks again for dropping by.
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  1. That Avi beach sure looks inviting!! Wish you were hanging around longer.

  2. We are heading to Pilot Knob for a few days.

  3. Nice to see the pet beach!

    A great deal and a great deal of food for 9.99!

  4. Nice to see the pet beach!

    A great deal and a great deal of food for 9.99!

  5. Yup, love casino deals. You just watch the deals we get next month in Vegas and area!

  6. Kevin and Ruth:

    For sure you guys are pretty good at tracking those deals down, enjoy!

  7. Out of all the many blogs I read and all the different ways people enjoy their own RV lifestyle, I believe it is yours and Suzie's that most appeals to me! Y'all know how to live life. :)

  8. Jool:

    Thanks again, works for us, we are not in a big hurry to see it all, just enjoy what we have.

  9. a great day with great views and great deals...way to go!!

  10. George, you had a wonderful day with Suzie !!
    Nice photos today, too !!

    Take care ... Tnt

  11. Elaine and TnT:

    Yes a great day,and good deals. Everyday with Suzie is wonderful !

  12. What a super day you have had, George and Suzie! We will be doing this next year.

  13. Michael and Dee:

    Hope you can, so much to see and do,even relax while you are at it!


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