Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feb. 11th, Happy Saturday

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006
Where are we today ?
Bullhead City Arizona

        Yes today is Saturday and we are having another wonderful sunny hot day with very light winds. No plans just putter round, a few errands, walkabouts, stretching exercises for my back, its feeling mucho better. 

        We even had time to enjoy our books in the sun for a while until our final Happy hour with Rick and Suzy, they are on the road again in the morning. 
yes we being happy
        Just chatting and enjoying the day when a neigbour walked by with his two beautiful dogs and stopped for a while. Very well trained dogs too  (can't remember their breed). 
very well trained
         He proceeded to tell us the history of this breed, how he acquired them, the training he had done for them and also the competitions he has had them in. Quite interesting.
Suzie got her dog fix again
        Now this campground is right across the street from the Bullhead International airport and occasionally we  can catch a glimpse of a few of these large planes coming or going a short distance away. With the mountains around us the loud noises are blocked for the most and by time we here a plane it's almost too late to take a picture, but today I did get a couple because I was sitting there with my camera in my hand. After the dogs had just left.

        Now as happy hour winds down and we said our goodbyes to Rick and Suzie I fired up our Weber to grill a couple of rib eye steaks with mushrooms and onions, baked potatoes, asparagus and garlic bread for a very nice tasty supper.
        A wonderful ending to another awesome day in the Arizona desert.

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  1. Not a bad Saturday, but most of your days are just the way I would like them. Glad to hear the back is doing better. Didn't realize such big planes flew into that airport, nice picture. Good way to end the day with that good looking steak.

  2. Allen and Lolita:

    Thanks for stopping by.
    Apparently a lot of charter flights come in here sponsored by the Casinos across the river.

  3. Ribeye steaks!! The best steaks around. We just "might" be heading that way ............. maybe.

  4. Wanderin:
    Oh yeah, they were melt in your mouth awesome!

  5. Wanderin:
    Oh yeah, they were melt in your mouth awesome!

  6. Good looking mushrooms.....Happy Sunday.

  7. Contessa:
    Yep the mushrooms were great too!

  8. now that was a dinner I could sink my teeth into...


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