Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Tues.Nov.1st, Cops and Robbers in Mandeville LA.

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, 
 since August 2006

        The day started with a wonderful warm sunrise , temperatures warming up and a beautiful blue sky. The regular coffees and computing and walkabout the ponds here, it is a wonderful morning. The scenery is so nice and peaceful, I just can't bet enough of it.
red head duck
        Now back home I researched a bit more on problems with our Weber Q 100, not enough heat. An email from them said the regulator is broken and is designed to operate on a 1 lb cylinder or a 20 lb tank, but we use the larger tank on our coach and  that it probably broke the regulator. Now I cant find any info on this issue at all, even the propane technician that serviced our neighbors coach says there should not be a problem with using the large tank. So anyway I phoned customer service at Weber  and they have the new part in stock and are shipping it to us free of charge, we just paid shipping to have it arrive sooner that later.

       Now after this productive morning I took the 10 minute drive thru the quiet countryside to the Winn Dixie Grocery Store for a few items.
        Now just browsing thru the store checking out the different meats and such I notice a police officer come along the back isle with his handgun drawn and at his side. Kinda makes you wonder, he was on a mission, but right away the meat manager quickly and quietly urged all the customers to take cover behind the meat counter until the issue is resolved, no problem we can do that.

        Apparently a man walked into the financial services "Western Union" part on the store with red die on his hands and money. The clerk tipped off the police and he was apprehended here in the store. You could say he was caught red handed. He had robbed the Whitney National Bank in Mandeville, the day before at gunpoint. You can read about it here. There was police cars everywhere, I counted at least seven marked cars 3 unmarked vehicles and three motorcylces. We never experienced anything like this in Mexico.
        The situation was under control , no shots fired and the suspect apprehended, and we just carried on with our shopping. Sure makes for an interesting shopping experience in a sleepy southern Louisiana town. Whoever said shopping is boring?

        Now back home to tell Suzie my afternoon adventure. And chat with our neighbors who were supposed to leave this morning, but the landing gear on his fifth wheel traveler would not raise, so they were waiting for a service man to arrive and replace a shear pin for then, then they were on the road. We got our books out and read for awhile in the shade with our books, enjoy a cool beverage, then soon time to make a tasty supper in our oven. Hope I can fix the barbie tomorrow. Supper tonight is a great easy recipe I found and made before, Chicken pot pie, (Pillsbury Crescent rolls make the top crust), and couple of crescent rolls and a tossed salad.

so easy and so tasty
        Then relaxing after dinner, going over the days events then read for a while and a bit of tv.

        Wonder what our adventures will be tomorrow.
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  1. way too much excitement for me... boy those United States are dangerous :)

  2. Heyduke50:

    Still fell pretty safe here its all under control.

  3. I liked your comment about the peaceful scenery and not being able to get enough of it. That's how I am about where we live, with the view of the lake, the sunsets, the sound of the loons and geese. It is wonderful during all four seasons!

  4. lou:

    Yes it is so nice here especially with the moderate climate in the winter.

  5. Wow, what an exciting day for you. Guess you didn't have to wonder what your blog would be about today. I'm glad that eveything was peaceful but scary nontheless. And people say Mexico is a dangerous place!

    Kevin and Ruth

  6. Kevin and Ruth:

    Yes was exciting. You always hear about violence in Mexico but not in the states. The local news here tells of two shootings on monday night in the French quarter, 11 injured 1 killed, hmmm....

  7. Lots of excitement in your neck of the woods. From the peace of the RV park to robbers at the grocery store...and yet you made a fabulous dinner.

  8. Contessa:

    Always makes for an interesting day. Not much will stop me from cooking dinner, gotta feed Suzie (that's my contribution here) to keep her happy. A man with a happy wife has a happy life!

  9. wow what a day...great looking dinner...glad your safe and sound..:)

  10. Elaine:

    Made for an interesting day thats for sure. Waiting for a part for the barbie, had to cook inside, so used up some leftover chicken.


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