Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Nov. 7th , Monday

        Just another bright sunny warm day, coffees, computing, walkabout the ponds chatting with the strange looking ducks and avoiding the geese. I did a quick trip to Winn Dixie in Mandeville for a few groceries and a last look around the area before we leave in the morning.
        Back home and enjoying the beautiful weather, puttering around outside check tire pressure and pretty well finished waxing our coach again, a good excuse for fresh air and exercise. Then I tidied up a bit while Suzie dusted and vacuumed our house all of this in preparation before departing in the morning.

        All of our chores done in a timely fashion now we can relax in the shade today, it's 82 f (28c) for a another peaceful afternoon reading our books and chatting.
a tough day today
        Before we know it the sun is beginning to set and its cooling down a bit, only 5 pm. That's why we get up early so we don't miss any available sunshine. May as well whip up supper so I fired up our Weber, grilling beef quesadillas with a tossed salad, just to take care of a slight Mexican craving we had.
        Then we can chat, compute, read some more and watch a bit of tv before calling it another fantastic day, excited that we are on the road tomorrow, not very far but a another new place to explore.

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  1. Travel safe..glad you got all those chores done before it was time to leave..:)

  2. Elaine:

    Thanks, that's usually our routine the day before ,moving on.

  3. Sounds like a hard day. Hope you paced yourselves.

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. Kevin and Ruth:

    Always pace ourselves and it was great, not as hard a day as you guys had thou!

  5. Craving a Mexican fix are you. Come on down!

  6. Contessa:

    I wish, but its just not in the cards for Suzie, so we do what we can and still have fun.

  7. Wow, George, your coach is a shining example of taking care of what you got .... no pun intended...ha ha
    Not sure if I got too much sun, or if I picked up a bit of a bug, but I am hot and sweaty today, and no energy. I did drink some campground water, instead of my usual Walmart water, so maybe that is it. Does that happen to you ?

  8. TnT:

    Thanks bunches, we only drink RO (Reverse Osmosis) water that I refill our 5 gallon jug all over the country. Yesterday was quite hot and humid,and after the time charge slowed us down a bit too.


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