Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tues. Nov. 15 To Rockport Texas

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer,
 since August 2006

        Another nice warm night, windows open and lots of fresh humid air. This morning we are ready to hit the road just puttering around until we leave about 8:45. We don't want to leave too early as we are just east of Houston and don't want to get caught up in rush hour. Our route today  is to take a southerly by pass around Houston.

235 miles (378 kms)
        We went thru Baytown over the amazing Fred Hartman Bridge suspension bridge, thru Pasadena, along 610 for a short while, then south to Texas 35 all the way thru to Rockport Texas.
the bridge
        We passed many oil refineries, they appear to be all over south Texas.
oil refineries
oil refineries
oil refineries
        Once again the markings on the pavement really help to keep you in the correct lane especially when there are so many choices. We had a nice drive around Houston and no heavy traffic at all. Because we can we like to plan when to travel around or thru large cities avoiding traffic congestion.
        Once south of Houston we had nice  peaceful drive on good roads thru a few small towns and country siide, two and four lanes roads, very little traffic and barely saw any trucks at all. The speed limits were mostly 70 mph (112kph)  but we could take our time, there was no traffic to block.
scenic drive
good roads
        There was a short span that we travelled with very heavy rains, we could barely see and had to slow down considerably, but we just kept plugging along, passed over the bridge to Rockport, with people standing on the fishing pier, fishing in the rain.
fishing pier
        At 1:30 pm we arrived Bayview resort in Rockport and while checking in our friends Rob and Pat from Ontario arrived as well. Well the rain had stopped and we got quickly set up, grabbed our chairs and a beverage, sat down in the shade, then the sun and got all caught up.
the shade
now the sun
        Now with chatting, carrying on and having fun we decided that we all had a craving for Chinese Food EH!!  So us Canadians hopped in the their truck and down the road to China A (must be Canadian). Such a great variety of food including sushi, steaks cooked to order, seafood, shrimp, varieties of fish, shrimp, oysters, clams, frog legs as well as all the traditional chinese plus a large desert buffet.
China A
        Well none of us left there hungry and when we returned home thought maybe we could call it  a night after a busy fun day.
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  1. We loved Rockport/Fulton area when we were there in 2008 - wonder if that Red Barn Restaurant is there still. We stayed at Goose Island State Park which was a great place to stay. We are over in New Braunfels so not far from you - will probably make our way over to that area at some point! New to your blog - thanks!

  2. Teresa:

    Thanks for stopping by, we love the area too our third time here. We are staying at Bayview rv resort, part of our membership system, $10.00 a night. We have also been to New Braunfels as well another nice area.

  3. Oil and Texas, ya think!!!

    Great looking bridge. Nice to have friends pull in right behind you!

  4. Contessa:

    yep oil and Texas its everywhere.

    And yes nice to visit with our friends for a week.

  5. welcome to our home state of taxes and glad to see you had some good Chinese food A...

  6. nice looking resort I googled them...which membership do you belong to Suzie..that you got the rate for 10/nite...glad to see you arrived safe and nice that friends arrived not long after :)

  7. We will be heading that way a little later in the year as well...glad you are blazing a trail for us !!
    Nice pics again today....TnT

  8. Hey we love Rockport! Been to Bayview 3 times. Have they fixed it up any? p.s. thanks for checking my blog! I'm trying to keep it up....

  9. Heyduke50:

    Missed you guys in the spring and now again love Texas!


    We Using Coast to Coast here, works good for us! And nice to hang out with our friends.


    We are just retracing our footsteps and having more fun!, catch up!

    Tim and Ellen:

    They are still working on fixing up Bayview , a long way to go thou, big changes happening. We love the area thou that's all that matters to us!


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