Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, November 28, 2011

Sun. Nov. 27th Puttering about

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Where are we now?

       It was quite cool overnight compared to what it has been lately, 10c (50f) but we did have a good sleep. And it was windy today, very windy all day but it was quite sunny. Morning coffees and computing, Then cut open one of the grapefruit that we got from Bob and Jody's back yard yesterday to sample. Well it was bright red, very juicy and sweeter than my morning orange juice, wow. Without a doubt best grapefruit I have ever eaten, glad we have more.
        Not much planned for the day so Suzie and I walked about the resort for a while just checking out the different rv's, park models and landscaping that people have here.
        Also the ever presence of the Border Patrol in the resort and on the roads keeps reminding us that we are about 200 yards from Mexico.
Border Patrol
        Now my plan today is some preventive maintenance starting with our levelling jacks. Last time we moved one jack did not want to retract without help from me and a pry bar. So I cleaned them all up with degreaser and sprayed with a heavy duty silicone and they retracted. Now I turned them on to extend and "nothing", no power, hmm... So I start checking, fuse by the control, looks good. I found another fuse in the engine compartment, had to replace that one, still no work, hmm.. Testing switches and circuits I found another fuse at the rear of our coach by the hydraulic pump, its ok. Now I will start over again, the fuse by the control looks good but I tested it and no good. Now of course I have containers of fuses but not the one I need so to off to Walmart and pick up some more. I replaced that fuse and it works! I cycled the jacks three times and all looks good. Why two blown fuses? I don't know age? (12 yrs old), dampness, humidity, vibration, could be but it works now. Now back to lubricating all the hinges, locks, steps and tow bar now it looks like we are good to go.

        All this puttering about took care of most of the after noon, but I did get to read for a bit before beginning supper. It's much too windy to barbecue so tonight I'm gonna make pork chops in the oven stuffed with sweet potatoes, brown sugar, apples, pecans and coated with shake n bake. The extra sweet potatoes on the side and tender tasty asparagus. It was a very yummy meal, next time I think I will add a touch of cinnamon and it would be perfect.
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  1. When I worked at the RV dealer for two summers, the most complaints in the service department were malfunctioning leveling jacks and slideouts. Glad we don't have either!

  2. Kevin an Ruth:

    So far we are lucky, simple fixes!

  3. hard to beat fresh grapefruit we still have a few left from our stay at a park that had grapefruit trees in our site...


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