Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, November 18, 2011

Thurs. Nov. 17. A fun productive day

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        This morning was cooler, overcast and windy, a big change from yesterday. But by the time we had coffees, computing, walkabout and a bit of shopping out of the way the wind died down, we had bright blue skies and it was an almost comfortable 70f (22c). Now we can just putter around outside.
We have a small lightweight folding metal table that was beginning to look pretty ratty, one that we use quite a bit so a quick fresh coat of paint makes it look like new.
looks like new
        Then I had been looking at the sewer hose supports Rob had made and thought they would come in handy for us. I thought stealing them was not a good idea, so we wandered over to the maintenance area to see if they had any used pvc pipe laying around. And they had lots, so with enough free pipe for our project we proceeded to measure and cut all the pieces we needed.
team work
        Now with all the pieces of 1/2 and 3/4 inch pipe cut all we needed was the fittings and pvc cement. So a quick trip to the Ace hardware, while Suzie and Pat sanded the burrs off all the pieces we cut.  Now the final step and assemble our project.
fit and glue
all done
        Now we have the finished product that is lightweight, partially disassembles to lay flat for easy storage. Thanks Rob for your idea and help.
our new sewer hose supports in use
        Now all this "work", watching and helping the four of us got pretty thirsty so after putting away all the dangerous tools we relaxed in the shade and sun and proceeded with happy hour. 

        Ok the hour was up and time to fire up our Weber to roast a mini chicken (cornish game hen) potatoes with onions and peas for a tasty supper.  Just the perfect size for the two of us. It was much too cool to eat outside so tonight we had a nice quiet evening with our books and tv.
simple tasty supper
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  1. Perfect sewer supports, great job guys!

  2. Contessa:

    Thanks works great for us , fun project and cheap!!!

  3. Hey, that hose support is a great idea, George.

    Once again, supper looks delicious !!

    Take care...TnT

  4. TnT;

    Thanks for stopping by, sewer support works great!

  5. Geaorge. You are one "handy" handyman

  6. Bustersbud:

    Thanks whadda ya need done???


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