Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Tues. Oct 4th, Christmas Shopping ?

        This morning is bright, sunny with no wind or rain so with coffee and computing out of the way I enjoyed a walkabout on a warm morning the colorful leaves that are starting to show across the road at Rock Glen Falls and the Canada Geese flying overhead honking very loudly beginning the migration south.
our Entrance
mini golf
across the road
the waterfall
Canada Geese
         We decided that today was nice one to take a trip to Sarnia and do the Christmas shopping for our five grandchildren, we will see them this weekend and drop the gifts off for them to open at Christmas when we are not here. We always did do our Christmas shopping early, don't much like crowds.
        A nice 35 minute drive and we have access to all the shopping we should need, Toys R Us and Walmart should do it and then go to Captain John's fish and chips that we had been told has great Broasted Chicken. So we have to check it out.
Captain John's
our chicken and fries
        The restaurant was clean and bright, service was good, the fries were good and the chicken looked good. Yes it was fresh broasted, but rather tastless, thou edible, probably because there was no breading on it. We should have known something was different when I asked for a beer that was on the menu and the waitress said it was an old menu, and we lost our liquor license. Well we did have a filling lunch know that this is one place that does not require a return visit from us. The first time we have ever had broasted chicken that we did not rave about. Back at the campground we mentioned this Jack another seasonal camper and he told us the this place used to be fantastic but had new owners about a year ago and the food went downhill from then, he does not go there anymore. Guess we were too late.

        Now back home bright and sunny we sat in the sun to read for a while. Rich and Mary-Lou dropped by to chat for a bit, and not having to stop for supper tonight, after a big lunch, we were able sit outside and comfortably read until 6:30 pm, pretty good for this time of year. Shortly after this Mike,Trish and Jordan returned to the Resort with a new toy to show off, they bought an e-bike, electric bicycle/scooter to get around on. Just like the one we used to have until we retired in 2006, we I found it not practical to haul around but a lot of fun thou. My sister has it now.
our e-bike
        Now we are ready to enjoy nice sunny, warm fall weather for the next week.
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  1. Nice that you can enjoy on the east coast its cold windy and rainy....enjoy!!! Nice to get the christmas shopping out of the way early!!
    be safe

  2. Elaine:
    Yeah we enjoy all the sunshine we can get at this time of year. Christmas shopping done and out of the way is a nice feeling.

  3. Cute bike! Too bad about the restaurant. Happy goft wrapping.

  4. Contessa:
    Yes the bike was a lotta fun and I will find time in our busy schedule to wrap some gofts.

  5. Nice to get that Christmas shopping done and out of the way. We don't do Christmas shopping anymore and I have to say I like it that way. Instead we will help pay to have the kids come and visit us. Alex came last year and Lindsey, Justin and Cameron are hoping to come in January.

    Won't be long and you will be on the road!

    Kevin and Ruth

  6. Kevin and Ruth:
    Christmas shopping is only for Grand children while they are so young. Soon no more, we don't spend a lot of money on their gifts anyway, just token gifts.

  7. We had to laugh at your post today, because WE TOO, are Christmas shopping. We only buy gifts for the youngest in our family. Our two older kids usually just get a gift of cash.

    Loved your photos today !!

    Take care...TnT

  8. TnT:
    We get the Christmas shopping done only for our 5 grandchildren (oldest is 7). Early and its done no need to be here for Christmas, webcam works great.


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