Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Thurs. Oct. 20th. Last minute stuff.

        Up early this morning, coffees and computing and a last trip to Plattsville till the spring. Check the lottery tickets, then a quick trip to my mothers and make a final adjustment to her motion sensor lights, See ya in the spring ma. We had a lot of rain last night but the winds died down, the creek is pretty full.
the creek is full
the leaves are gone as are the Black walnuts
        Then into town for a few things and appointments, grabbed a bite to eat then back out to New Hamburg to finish setting up Suzie's Fathers new laptop. Yesterday the internet was down and a service man came out today to get that it back up and running. Suzie worked at it and worked on transferring files, setting up programs, I helped a bit as well, the printer had issues installing and but I managed to find a fix for Windows 7. I really miss Windows (not!) since I got my MacBook pro two years ago.
getting there
        We had a few snacks and by now its time for her mom and dad to head out to a function and us to return home. Here Sandy and her sisters family had just arrived for supper so we sat and chatted for a while, with Omer there not wanting Suzie to leave.
his paw on her foot

        Now its getting late and time to go home, relax and a nice late snack that we love, popcorn and apples, we are usually too full for those lately.
just hit the spot
         Time for a good nights sleep then in the morning we can once again cross the border into the USA in search of old, new friends, new adventures, sunshine and warmer weather.

        Our final two week visit for the season to the farm has kept us busy wrapping up a few last minute items, now we can go.
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  1. Good luck at the border. Have a good trip today and enjoy the start of your six months on the road again!

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. Hey George and Suzie

    Teresa and I wish you a fun, safe, and relaxing adventure this winter.

    Take care... TnT

  3. ya gotta love the excitement when your getting down to the last minute :)...glad you got the puter probs fixed....

  4. Kevin and Ruth:
    The border was a breeze, 1 hour wait thou.

    Thanks guys you enjoy too and maybe we will meet on the road somewhere.

    Whee is right on , just love the lifestyle!

    Every day is exciting, even more so when we begin heading south!

  5. Safe travels. Catch up with you in the spring. Say hi to Mr. Sunshine when you find him. Take care! Trish

  6. Trish:

    Thanks bunches will send some sunshine your way and bring back lots in the spring!


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