Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sat. Oct.22nd Trick or Treat

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer,
 since August 2006

        This morning is was is overcast and almost warm but no rain, and thats a good thing. Lazy Lakes New York, RV Resort is just about completely full for the big Halloween weekend, lots happening here.

        Last night we met up with John and Wendy, Bill and Barb and their friends Chris and Pina. So this morning we agreed to all got out for breakfast just down the road at the Wine Trail Cafe, friends of Bill and Barbs run this very nice cozy diner, with about eight tables. Reminds me of my restaurant in Plattsville "Jessie's Diner".
nice spot
tasty breakfast
        After a nice breakfast we are back at the resort for a walkabout to check out some of the Halloween Decorations, and the craft sale at the clubhouse. This weekend is typically for the kids, hundreds of them and I think even local kids from miles around come to visit the resort as well.
Happy Halloween
lotsa kids
         John had brought a huge pile of wood for a campfire so Bill got it going early afternoon and began heating up about four gallons of his famous chowder. Bill began many years ago cooking huge vats of chowder, over one thousand gallons of it for the Clarence Centre Volunteer Fire Company with the help of a lot of volunteers. This is a major fundraiser for them that they do every Labour Day weekend. While he was doing this John and I took the opportunity to remove and restring the huge blind in the living room of their trailer. I have done many of these for ourselves and other rver's I usually carry quite a few yards of cord just for this purpose. Time to get some more next week when we are near New Orleans.
reinstalling the repaired blind
        They had picked up some pumpkins for their daughter and grandson to carve, all part of the spirit.
ok this is how we do it
        As the afternoon went by the chowder was heated up, perfect for the fall weather, the fire going and pumpkin carving coming along nicely. Along with the chowder we had crackers, cheese, kielbasa  celery with blue cheese and more crackers with cream cheese and shrimp dip, some extra hot pepperettes and of course a variety of tasty beverages to wash it all down.
tasty chowder
        Shortly after 4 pm the trick or treaters began, just coming in droves, they were all over the resort, very busy. We had enough candies for over 400 children and at one each was pretty well all given out when things were done at 6:30pm
Trick or Treat
final results of the pumpkin carvers
        Now with all this activity we had been snacking, nibbling and keeping warm around the fire, now we can relax, tell stories, jokes and burn up the wood that John brought.
nice fire
        Well before we knew it was getting pretty late, (way past my bedtime) and time to call it a night, before I turn into a pumpkin.

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  1. wow good looking chowder... I have been wanting to restring one of our windows blinds but can't for the life of me figure out how to remove it... tips???

  2. Heyduke50:

    All the blinds I have done in different rigs, requires the removal of the valance. Screws at the top (kinda hidden usually) and a couple os side screws. Then it is attached to the valance easier to get at now. Just take your time and pay attention to how it comes apart, the first one may take a while to figure out how they are strung.

  3. The Americans really know how to do up Halloween. What a fabulous day you all had.

  4. George and Suzie !! So glad you are on the road, and having fun already. Hope all your days are filled with fun and adventure, and safe travels on your way.
    take care..TnT

  5. TnT:
    Yes glad to be heading south and have fun everyday.


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