Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Wed. Oct 5th. Another great day !

        Beautiful sunny morning again today, nice and warm gotta love it. Just going to putter around outside today. Off to the Arkona market for a few items then back home to do laundry. Right across from our site is the laundry, 2 washers and 2 dryers outside work great and only $1.25 a load. While the machines are doing their magic I can hose down our mat, let it dry in the sun and put it away for travel. Then I had a couple drop by telling me that they bought a 12 volt digital tv convertor box for their coach and Jack volunteered my services to install and set it up for them, I had set up his and Rich and Mary Lous. So I found time in my busy day to grab a few tools and go chat with these people, install and setup their convertor. A great way to meet new people, thats what rving is all about.
perfect day
        Now with these chores done we said goodbye to Mike, see you in the spring, he is off to work for a few days, then I can sit in the sun with Suzie and my book enjoying the great outdoors and wonderful sunshine. Temperatures about 78f (25c) perfect. We chatted with a few people walking by, watched a few coming in and getting set up for the weekend then fired up our Weber Q 100 to grill some chicken and taters for supper, we do love chicken and our Weber, a perfect pair.
our weber did the job again
        So tasty, moist grilled chicken and some mixed veggies were a great meal for a great day. Then a nice sunset thru the front window of our coach.
nice sunset

        After cleanup we sat outside chatting with Richard and Red by our a propane fire, these two guys we have camped next to with their families a few times. They came and set up their trailers for the weekend ready for their wifes and kids to arrive on friday after work and school.

        Then time to call it a night, turn off the propane and put the fireplace away, just another great day! 
Thanks for dropping by.
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  1. I just found you blog and will be following you. The chicken and taters looks so good!!

  2. Karen and Al:
    Thanks for stopping by, yes we love our chicken.

  3. Lucky you and the heat. We are wet, damp and cool. Time to head south......

  4. Contessa:
    Love it but yes time to head south.... soon.

  5. your weather sounds great lucky you is right..don't come east we had some snow and hail today :)..

  6. Elaine:
    Gotcha, we be headin south soon.


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