Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fri. Oct. 28. Why we love Louisiana

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, 
 since August 2006

our resort
        We love traveling around the countryside, moving from place to place and we keep going back to the various places that we enjoy. We have a membership resort here at Abita Springs (population 2000) and  have been here at least for one visit every winter since 2006. We are on the north shore of lake Pontchartrain about 1 hour from New Orleans and the French Quarter. 

        Louisiana does not have counties here they call them parishes, and is mostly a swamp, with alligators, hurricanes, tornadoes, strange looking ducks, warm humid weather, southern mansions, cajun food, Po' Boys,  Muffulettas, cajun music, all kinds of fresh seafood including crawfish, small towns, friendly, helpful people and just love their southern accents.

        Well today are up early as usual a nice view over the pond, and the usual coffees, computing and a walkabout.  Saw this Canada Goose standing here on one leg, just watching me, I was not sure if he was hiding the other leg or not.
one legged goose
        I checked out some of the sites that were decorated for halloween. We had Halloween last saturday at Lazy Lakes Resort in New York, now again here at Abita Springs, we saved some candy for the kids.

        After this I took a drive to Winn Dixie for some groceries and while I was gone got a call from Suzie, saying the resort has a sewer sight for us to move to. So back home from the store we packed up a bit and changed sites, a smaller one, the view not quite the same but still nice none-the-less same price,  free. We are here for 12 days.
our new site
        Once here we chatted with our new neighbors from Quebec for a while, then another walkabout to clubhouse where they had a "cajun oven" roasting a bunch of chickens for supper in the clubhouse tonight. They looked and smelled so delicious, to be served with Jambalaya, vegetable, bread, desert and tea for only $8.00 per person. We had already planned supper and are trying to cut down on eating out for a while so we to passed on this opportunity. The previous weekend he had roasted a whole pig the same way, too bad we missed it!
Cajun Oven
turn them chickens around
        I was on my way to the office to purchase a wash permit for $5.00 and enjoyed the nice  little gardens along the way. A lot of campgrounds do not allow washing of vehicles so I take advantage of it while I can.
Who Dat?

        The phrase "Who Dat" originated in New Orleans over a century ago you can read  about it here.

        Now before we know it I can fire up our Weber for a delicious supper (love cooking, eating too). Tonight is grilled porkchops, sweet potatoes with apples and cinnamon in foil and broccoli with cheese.
soo tasty
        Our first day in Louisiana and it was great!  Make sure y'all drop by tomorrow!

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  1. i too love Louisiana and their fine cuisine... we will be back through there in March or April... enjoy your stay!

  2. heyduke50:

    Always enjoy Louisiana and glad you do to, we probably be California or such by then, never know.


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