Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Fri. Oct. 7th, Happy Friday!

        Sunshine and warm again, boy are we lucky! Today is a travel day, not far, only 90 minutes, but the final parking spot at the farm, for two weeks, before we head south.  So jacks up, slide in, secure the fridge, pack up the satellite dish and we are on the road shortly after 9 a.m. The temperatures today were about 28c (84f), gotta love it!

        A nice country drive, no traffic just enjoying the the fall colors that are starting to change and bright blue skies..
bright colors
leaves starting to change

        Well we got to the farm greeted by Omer, wagging his tail as we pulled in. To start with Suzie raked a up a couple wheelbarrow loads of black walnuts from the lawn so we could put our mat down with a smooth base under the awning and setup camp.
settled in now
        That done we had a bite to eat then Suzie can start brushing Omer spoiling him again, get the knots and burrs from his this coat and bushy tail. He is a farm dog and does not usually get a lot of attention. While she did this I went to Plattsville to make arrangements to get our car and coach serviced, then off to New Hamburg to get some supplies for the busy weekend ahead of us.
Omer loves the attention
        Once back from the stores I put our turkey in the oven to precook it for a Thanksgiving get together here with my family on Monday. While the turkey was in the oven I made up a spaghetti sauce with brown rice noodles and a tossed salad for a late supper, I think Sandy likes it when I invade her kitchen! Something easy to feed Dennis whenever he gets in from the fields after harvesting beans.
tasty supper

          Ok now, work in the fields is done, tummies are full, this awesome day is over now its time to relax.
Omer snoring under the kitchen table
hit counters
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  1. Beautiful photos, George !!

    I can't help but notice how great your rig looks. Hey, one of these days when there is nothing else to write about, I would LOVE to see a post about your rig, engine, etc,

    Would you change anything about it ? Any advice for others ?

    Teresa and I think we might outgrow our little C sometime in the future... LOL

    Take care .... TnT

  2. TnT:
    WE love our class A, its a 1999 Holiday Rambler Vacationer. The perfect layout for us and lots of storage, its 36 feet, Gas V-10 ford, some day when we not too busy will do a posting on it, thanks for the compliments.

  3. Hey, ours is also a 1999 with the Ford V10 as well !!

    It is always nice to know someone with the same chassis, so we can share notes, fixes, etc

    We look forward to your post, and we really look forward to seeing it shine in person !!

  4. Love the fall colors and of course Omer having a wee bit of a nap!

  5. TnT:
    Never know we could very well meet up on the road, especially Quartzsite if you plan on going there.

  6. Contessa:
    yes Suzie wore out Omer and he is a little spoiled when she is here.


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