Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sat. Oct.15th, Cold, wet, windy

        Well compared to a week ago when it was hot and sunny, its such a change from last weekend now just cold, wet and windy, but at least none of that white fluffy stuff yet. Today nothing much happening, computing, planning, reading and chatting works for us.

        Now for supper we wanted to support the Plattsville Firefighters Association at their fundraiser. So off to town we went and of course we ran into many, many towns folk that we knew and had a great meal (all you could eat) including juice, coffee and desert.
        We chatted for a while to a lot of people, as a steady line just kept coming in, keeping the volunteers busy, serving, cleaning tables and washing dishes. Just love the way people in small towns can work together.
busy hall
        We also checked out the silent auction items, a great selection, but of course nothing we needed.

Lots of auction items
        Even the bake sale looked pretty good too, but nothing gluten free for us to share at the farm, so we passed on that too.
bake sale
        Now back home, chat with Sandy for a while then home to call it a night. It is now that time of year again when we hook up our "Mr Heater" portable buddy propane radiant heater, we have been using it now for 5 winters. This is lightweight, compact, makes no noise, is more efficient than our furnace uses no electricity and keeps us toasty warm, just love it for the winter months. Plus I have it hooked up to our main propane tank so no small bottles or extra tanks to carry. This heater is great everywhere, we only have 15 amp electrical hook up here, and works especially good when we are dry camping on the road, in the desert or as additional quiet radiant heat anywhere.
Mr. Heater

        Ok now all is good we are toasty warm, let the wind and cold rain happen, we will read for a while, watch a bit of tv and call it a night. Five more sleeps and we are on the road yippee!  Its a tough life but somebody has to do it.
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  1. Good morning George and Suzie,
    I am interested in finding out more about that heater you are using. How did you hook it up to your main tank? A connection inside the RV? Do you have to keep a window open for ventilation?

  2. Daryl:

    Yes keep a window open a bit, just ran a hose from the main tank to the inside with an extend a stay adapter that we use for our barbeque, campstove, propane fire pit, auxillary propane tank etc...

    Works pretty slick.

  3. A life of adventure you have. It's great that you have such neat experiences and can share them together.

  4. Paul:

    You being from New Zealand is amazing that you found us.

    Thanks for stopping by and enjoying our travels with us.

  5. Froggi Donna left us her Olympian Wave 6 cat heater, but we have never used it yet.

    I am sure that will all change this winter !!

    Glad to hear you will soon be joining us down south.

    Take care ... TnT

  6. TnT:

    That was mighty nice of Froggi Donna, it will come in handy if you do ant dry camping this winter especially Arizona.

    Yes just wrap up a few things then we are on the road.


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