Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tues. Jan.18th 2011 Quartzsite AZ

      Another Milestone, someone today will be visitor number 30,000 in the three years since I have put the counter on it.
       I never dreamed that I would have so much interest in our Blog that I started it as a way to let family and friends know where we are, now its also a journal of our travels so we know where we have been.

A huge thanks to all who have dropped by to share our travels with us, living our Dream!

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer,
 since August 2006

      Sunny and a hot day again today. Coffees, computing, walkabout, showers and pack up our house to travel, chat with the neigbours and by 9:30am we are "on the road again". We getting itchy feet we have been here for a week already, time to move on. We have been waiting to get our coach out of California to fuel it up, so as soon as we got into Arizona put in 56 gallons of gas at $3:02 a gallon (.79cents a litre), ($3:69 a gallon in California) a savings of $37.52 on one fill up.
       Now just heading north on hwy 95 the nice irrigated fields of the newly planted crops is a nice sight. Then as we head into the foothills crops are being harvested.
harvesting crops
      Driving thru the desert we have about 90 miles of nothing before we get to Quartzsite, lotsa dirt, mountains in the distance, dips in the road.
good road
      Then about 25 miles north of Yuma is the Yuma Proving Grounds with a sign and two large artillery guns marking the  entrance to the area.
Yuma Proving grounds
      Now continuing north we see more and more RV's, more rv's than cars it appears, on this nice two lane highway. The posted Flash flood area for 10 miles and dips in the road its like a fun rollercoaster ride on a whale. The dips are there so that the water has somewhere to go when and if it rains, the average 3 inches per year.
flash flood area
      Ok now we are getting closer, we can se the big tent for the rv show and the area we are 
gonna camp. La Posa West.
La Posa West
     Left in thru the entrance, past the office and disconnect our car on the paved area.
      Now disconnected we can search for our perfect spot of dirt to stake a claim on.
we go right
      So we head a few hundred yards north to find a familiar spot of dirt close to the big tent and hundreds of vendors. We assess the areas and settled in a comfortable spot. Tilted our solar panel, set up our satellite dish, put the mat down, bicycles now its time for lunch.
home dirt
      And the big tent is within a nice walking distance, the Rv show does not start until Saturday but we need to get settled in before the crowds start coming.
big tent
      So now with this done we can get out our chairs, read our books, chat with some of our neighbours, one from New Brunswick , one from Saskatchewan, one from northern Ontario and a whole bunch from Quebec. We open  our awning to shade us from the hot sun and are now quite comfortable.

      A bit later I can set up our Barbie and start supper shortly after 5:00 then read until its ready about 6:00pm. A BBQ'd chicken breast, some noodles and peas and a tossed salad, hit the spot. 
      Now that we are dry camping again we use the small paper luncheon plates to conserve water for dishes and reduce the size of portions that will fit on the plates, works for us. Supper done we can read for a bit then some TV and before you know its bedtime. 

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  1. When I looked at your site today, I saw 30,001 visitors!

  2. Thanks Kevin and Ruth for dropping by, I see you are enjoying the Mexican beaches again, gotta love it! We do miss the beaches.

  3. Hola you two,

    Have you ever driven into the Yum Proving Grounds? There are many different areas to dry camp for very little pesos per night. Take a drive from where you are and check it out. We did it once and loved it. It is one of our favorite places in Arizona and yet so close to Yuma.

  4. Contessa, yes we have dry camped back in there a few years ago "Imperial Dam" really enjoyed it, some times can hear the "bombs" or whatever going off in the distance from the Proving grounds, Lota fun and great facilities too for BLM land.


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