Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sun. Jan 16th 2011 Pilot Knob CA

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, 
 since August 2006

      Sunday and a day of rest! After a busy two days we decided take it easy today. So coffees computing and a walkabout then down to the clubhouse at 10:00 am for our free breakfast that we earned by attending yesterdays promotion. We ordered our breakfast (which are cooked to order) grabbed a coffee and juice then sat and chatted with another couple while we waited for our order, no buffet style. We had bacon, eggs, homefries, and toasted raisin bread, along with our coffee and juice, very nice, especially when its free.

      Back home just puttering about (top up our batteries, to prepare for dry camping), when a lady walking by said good morning Mr.Yates. I am thinking boy she looks familiar, and it ends up its Mildred and her husband Jim. We met them in Branson Missouri, two years ago in the spring. Their home is about 3 miles away from the farm in the village of Bright, Ontario, small world. They have been here two weeks and we had not run into each other until today now that they are packing up this morning and moving on.

      Another walkabout then, to the rear of the resort where people are dry camped, outside the fence, in the desert $40.00 for two weeks with no hookups, sure beats $40.00 a night if you don't have a membership.
dry camping
lotsa space 
      We noticed this, this morning probably because we were just hanging out, that a lot of rigs pulling out probably 25 ore more. A few probably heading up towards Quartzsite for the RV show and stuff. By the afternoon another steady stream of RV's were pulling in and setting up.
green grass and lemon tree
      Now most of the campsites are gravel with the odd tree here and there, because we are in the desert and this resort is closed in the summer, too hot! This site across from us they are here for the season and spend a lot of time watering and trimming their grass, looks nice. Wonder what happens to it in the summer months when nobody here?
Ultra light
      Well now we can sit in the shade and read, its a hot one today about 85f (30c) but just beautiful. An ultralight flies right overhead, just checking everybody out, must be an awesome view. Its so nice to enjoy the warmth, sunshine, people walking their dogs, some stopping to chat and relax with our books. Now because its daylight until after 6:00pm and much warmer I got the BBQ out and the Fry Daddy, to whip up a tasty supper of chicken wings, homemade fries, with veggies and dip. I guess you have figured out by now we love our wings and fries!
soo good
      Now a bit of TV and before you know it the day is done, and we did absolutely nothing! Wow  time flies when you are having fun. I think we will do some more  nothing tomorrow, did not quite get it all done today!

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