Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sat. Jan.22nd 2011, Quartzsite AZ

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, 
 since August 2006

      Well its Saturday morning (first day of the RV show) and probably the busiest day in Quartzsite for the whole year. The traffic starts coming into town early and people are grabbing parking spots at 7:30am waiting for vendors and the Big Tent to open at 9:00 am. We had our coffees, computing and walkabout then ready to join that masses. At least we can walk to everything that we want to see. So 9:00 am we are the big tent and get our goody bag then shuffle up and down the rows inside the tent for a few hours.
inside the tent
        We were in a line up to toss a basketball and win free samples of minute rice, then next was a Key from the Good Sam club and mine opened the treasure chest, I picked a free travel coffee mug. Then we found the vendor with wallets,(there is lots here) this one had the same wallet that I purchased here 5 years ago, (its wearing out), I have looked all over the place to find it, and nowhere but here. Well lots of stuff, and we will be back a few times when its not so busy and be able to chat and question some of the vendors.

        With the inside of the tent checked out, now the vendors on the outside, lots more stuff and a lot of food vendors as well. In particular is Steve's Barbeque with his excellent smoked turkey legs, we will get one for supper one night. Then we stop for a bit of Mexican lunch just a chicken taco and a chicken quesadia. Looked at the huge line up for ice cream, and passed this time. Then we checked out a food vendor with Exotic Meats and Bugs on the menu, I took a few pictures but did not care for any samples.

      Well  we have had our exercise for the day, about 4 hours checking out the big tent area but its getting much too hot in the sun so back home, make shade, less clothes and relax. The crowds in the camping area are growing as well , with people walking and driving about to and from the shows. Now not just the Big tent, but the whole town has thousands of vendors everywhere (if you can't find it in Quartzsite you don't need it!), and for all the times (at least 10 weeks over the years) we have been here, still have not visited more than maybe half of them.

       Now with our chairs and books outside, neighbours stop by and chat, we compare bargains then before we know its time to fire up the barbie for some smoked porkchops, baked potatoes with onion and broccoli. Read a bit then tv, another fantastic day in the desert .

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  1. Can you imagine, we did the big tent 'once' with the dogs!! Muy loco!

  2. yeah, pretty crowded, a lot of people carry their dogs in there.


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