Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The geese are back and the sun eventually came out after lunch, and went out with friends for my early birthday feast of chicken wings

Where are we today ? 
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         We had a lot of heavy rain overnight and most of the morning. But it was quite warm, blankets off and windows open we had a wonderful sleep. Yup we loving this warm weather.
         Again shorts on all day and my first walkabout by the pond I spotted this years Canada Geese with 6 goose puppies following right along.
nice to see them back and growing again,
 except for the mess they make on the grass,
follow the leader
     A couple of laps around the park then into Forest mainly for a stamp to mail our 8840 to Texas and fuel up the car only $1.20 a litre at the Rez.
still a bit gouges and drizzly
        Back home for a tasty lunch, Suzie's request was an egg, cheese and Peameal Bacon on an English muffin. No problem I can do that and for me a bit of homemade chicken soup did the trick.
Suzie's lunch
the soup for me was perfect
           Then after lunch still drizzling a bit so a good workout at the fitness centre here for an hour and by the time I got home at 1 pm the sun was shining. Perfect !
very nice in the sunshine today
         Nice reading in the warm sun, a very long hot shower at the nice ones here in the park that just opened a couple of days ago. A bit more reading then Emile and Monique picked us up and Chauffeured as to Crabby Joe's in Strathroy. Tuesday they have a wing night for 1/2 price and I wanted to go for a feast of wings for my birthday (it is not until Sunday, but no wing special then). I invited a few friends to see if they wanted to come along and we did have a nice table for 8 of us.
This be the place good food here
      We got a table for 8 no problem when we arrived at 4:30 pm.
here we all are, Thanks Monique
LR, Suzie, Ron, Emile, Monique, Loree, Gerry, Melinda
me took picture
Honey crisp prosciutto bread was a nice starter
       Now then I had my feast of chicken wings and fries, with ghost pepper sauce on the side ( I always bring my habernero sauce to kick it up a bit more) never quite hot enough for me.
very good wings here
then celery carrots and blue cheese as well, perfect
       It was a wonderful celebration with our friends, no gifts required but Emile and Monique drove us there and back and a wonderful funny card. Gerry and Melinda bought pitcher of beer for Suzie and I to share. And Loree made a wonderful batch of Birthday Banana nut muffins for us to share, and even had only one candle, so nice of her and they all sang Happy Birthday to me. Too cool! Then some leftovers for a tasty lunch and enjoy these muffins, for snacks yummy, thats Guys!!!
fresh baked banana nut birthday muffins
were excellent, Thanks Loree
and all the rest of our friends joining my birthday meal
blowing out my birthday muffins, thanks Loree
and Monique for the picture
    That was our fun day here in Arkona, pretty nice weather and a fun dinner with good friends to begin celebrating my birthday. 5 days early but that is fine we won't be here on my birthday. I will celebrate that with my family.
     Just want to thank y'all for dropping in and hope you had some decent weather and sunshine too.

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  1. The young geese are cute,too bad they grow up to be pooping machines! Crabby Joe's? Terrible name for a birthday gathering, but great looking food!
    Happy Birthday, George!

    1. Thanks Jeff. They are cute but sure do make a mess just about everywhere they go. Crabby Joes is a chain here sports bar but they do have good food and service,

  2. Looks like some really good food, friends and fellowship for an early birthday!! Glad you enjoyed the wings and things.

    1. It was nice to get everyone together for a fun meal out. Wings are one of my big downfalls, love them but not good for me. So is a real treat when I get them.

  3. I believe we should celebrate the entire month of our birthdays. Nice group of friends to start off the celebrating

    1. Yes Jo why not, as we get older II think celebrating everyday we wake up makes sense to me..

  4. Looks like a great party George, glad you got out for your wings and having friends along makes it special.

    1. It was a great time with friends Bill and got my chicken wing fix as well.

  5. That is the perfect way to spend your birthday! First with friends then with family on the day. It is nice to see everyone could go out to celebrate another year with you.
    The prosciutto looks awesome, just get rid of the green stuff! ha ha
    It turned into a wonderful afternoon here too.

    1. Thanks Patsy it sure was a fun day with friends tasty food and wonderful weather. We enjoyed the prosciuto we enjoyed even with the green stuff.

  6. Happy Birthday! Boy that looked like a perfect meal to me!!
    We call those geese poop-a-lots, cuz that's what they do! Love them though ... I could watch them for hours.

    1. Thanks Nancy that was a perfect meal for me a real treat!
      Yes geese poop-a-lots and they sure do make a mess. I do love watching them especially watching the babies grow, then the flight training is alway very entertaining.

  7. The geese family is adorable..but I know what you mean about the mess! Suzie's lunch looked awesome! What a nice birthday celebration! Dinner looked great I know how you like that! A great day for you all!

    1. They are adorable, except for the mess.
      Suzie's lunch is a favourite, I love it too but needed to work on the soup.
      I do love my chicken wings always a wonderful treat for me.

  8. Wings and a pitcher of beer - great meal

  9. Happy early birthday! What a riot! Good friends and good food, always a hit.

  10. Wow George....if you're not creating the perfect meal you know exactly where to go to find one! I love both egg sandwiches and wings. Decisions, decisions.
    Nothing like a great group of friends to enjoy an early birthday. Hope you have a Happy on the day of!!

    1. Thanks Dave we do enjoy good food and when we find good places to ge we tend to return when the mood strikes us.
      We sure enjoyed a great meal and so nice to have some friend enjoy it with us as well.


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