Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Nice long walkabout, great very warm spring day, just enjoying this weather.

Where are we today ? 
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      A nice warm night for sleeping windows open and so peaceful. This is really some springtime/summer weather. After my morning computing , coffees and walkabouts around the park about 1 mile,  I was I was prepared for a longer walkabout.
     So about 8:45 I did a nice walk around the block here into Arkona and back you can see the map below  a very nice walk and a perfect day for it. 5KMs, (3 miles) By the time I got home at 9:45 my I-phone had logged on 4 miles. Doing good today.
a nice 3 mile walk around the block in
the country
and of course another wonderful sunrise out our dining room window
this morning at 6:15 am
           On one of my walkabouts I spotted this garden shed that was trashed the other day with the strong wind.
no good anymore
        Started my country walkabout around the block, enjoying the quiet country setting.
this tree has a heart !
lots of wind turbines  in this area
down the path and across the Lions bridge over the
creek into town

this be the creek
love the blossoms on this tree
the golf course behind our resort
the village of Arkona welcomes you
not in season yet but soon
heading back to the camp over the hills
         Back home for a light tasty lunch , more leftovers. Then outside to read for a while, Soon time for a soak the hot tub here. Loosen up a  few stiff muscles from my first long walkabout all at once. Everything loosened up feel much better now.
tennis courts and basketball net for the kids
        Wandered over to catch Gerry working ! Cleaning the golf carts.
    And Gerry is working on sterilizing all this playground equipment donated from a Mc Donalds in London that they will be installing here in the park. Too cool!
another play area to be set up for the kids here
    We are enjoying this wonderful warm day in the shade with our e-readers, And decided a perfect day to have an Ice cream cone.  So a short walk to the office and grab a couple. Perfect weather for a nice treat.
Yummy? yup they were
       Reading for a while a friend stopped by to chat for a bit then over to new friends Ken and Kim's for "Happy Hour" . Chat with them, for a while share stories and tips, Then Emile dropped in to join us as well. Always fun to chat with friends in the afternoon and catch up.
       Soon time to head on home, preheat our Weber , Q while I made a salad. And then grill some chicken thighs on our grill mat with a nice rub until almost done. Then off the mat to crisp them up and finish them off.
        My day ended up with over 6 miles walked today and feels amazing! The soak in the hot tub made everything feel wonderful. I will sleep well tonight.
done to perfection
love our chicken and this hit the spot
       Now with the other 2 thighs and bones for leftovers plan to make a pot of chicken soup tomorrow  morning. Supposed to rain so a perfect morning for it.
      Still outside  at 8:30 pm and still 72 f. and in shorts. Gonna wrap up this posting and soon head inside for the night.
      Thanks again for dropping on by and hope your day was as good as ours was. 
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Where have we been this summer?


  1. What perfect timing!..Tonight I decided to see where you folks are now..I went to WIKI then back to you, what did I get?.I pictorial walking tour...

    1. Glad that you dropped by for a visit with us David always great to hear from you again, glad you enjoyed the tour.. Hope your enjoyed it.

  2. Salad looks good. We are having an e-coli out break here in USA with 149 people sick and 17 severe kidney failure from contaminated romaine lettuce grown (they think) in Yuma, AZ. 30 cases in California, 20 cases in Pennsylvania, 11 cases in Idaho and in Arizona 8 cases. Enjoy your salad...I'm afraid to buy any leafy veggies i.e. spinach, romaine, iceberg, etc. Instead, I've started on opening canned veggies...not good but I feel it's a bit safer.

    1. Thanks for the heads up Rita,
      Our lettuce comes from the USA somewhere I am sure, at this time of year. Have not heard of any outbreaks here yet. We will keep and eye out for any scares here though.

  3. Beautiful area you are staying at. Loved all the pics with the river flowing, so tranquil. That makes walking long distance so much more enjoyable when the landscape is that nice. As usual, your dinners look very appetizing.

    1. Thanks Marlene we do enjoy this area when we are here, the scenery very nice and so peaceful here in the country. Dinner was tasty.

  4. The 'heart' tree looks like something out of Harry Potter! Looks like a nice walkabout for you

    1. Yes it does look like a Harry potter tree, perfect day for a long walkabout.

  5. YAY for walking and hot tubs. I think I need one!! LOL

    1. It was a nice walk and the hot tub loosen up some sore muscles.
      The hot tub sure is nice when we can use it.

  6. We having a few raindrops and light drizzle here in Jasper after some warm degrees. Tomorrow Dawson Creek and better weather so we can use our Weber ☺

    1. Enjoy your travels and better weather ahead, And using your Weber will be wonderful.

  7. What a great day George! Awesome walkabouts, that some good mileage! Dinner looked awesome too and so did the ice cream :) Gotta have a treat now and then!

    1. Thanks guys it was a great day , the walkabout perfect with this amazing weather as well. The treat was a nice treat as well.


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