Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, May 24, 2018

More amazing weather, a bit more lawn mowing and Chiropractor for a tune up.

Where are we today ? 
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         Just another nice night for sleeping, windows open and only a light blanket needed. Was wonderfull As usual up early and got stuff done, waiting for the sunrise, and did not disappoint us.
     Then got a nice walkabout town to start my day. Love the quiet times and great to get my body moving and heart rate going.
     Then a quick trip to New Hamburg for a few groceries and home by 9:30 am. Now you know it is another wonderful warm day,  when Suzie is outside under our awning in shorts !
now this is the weather we enjoy
    We had an  early lunch and I hopped on the mower to give another cut to the rear couple of acres here. The grass was so long yesterday it did not cut well, so another cutting was in order for most of it.
looks better with a second cutting 
      Couple of hours later I was done at 1 Pm. Now to enjoy my e-reader in the shade with my honey for a bit. 
I brought her home some fresh Lilacs ,
now our house smells amazing
     Then at 1:30 pm I headed into Waterloo to my Chiropractor, have him tune up my back, It's been a while (last fall). I know something is out and he will fix me up just like new again.
     Back home by 3 pm and still 90F (32C) in the shade here. Not humid and a very light breeze this is the kinda of weather we enjoy, nice to relax ad enjoy our page turners.  
perfect temperature  to enjoy reading in the shade
soon this lawn will be mowed again
       After our Happy hour time for supper, I preheated our Weber Q made a salad and grilled a couple of bone in pork chops along with some fresh local asparagus that we love.
in no time done perfectly
yup this sure was tasty
        Relaxing outside at 7:30 pm still about 75F  (24C) finish this posting and read a bit more. Lea dropped on by with her new puppy, and Suzie got a doggie fix !
what a beautiful dog,(sorry can't remember her name)
Sarah maybe?
      That was our fun day her at Camp Awesome, just enjoying this amazing weather . 
      Time to post this now and dive back into my page turner, got to read some more, it is getting exciting, And this evening weather outside is really hard to say no to.
      Thanks again for stopping by and really hope you had a great day as well.
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Where have we been this summer?


  1. That doggie doesn't look like a puppy!! He sure is pretty though!! So glad Suzie got her doggie fix!!
    You have some beautiful sunrises...I bet that first morning walk is so peaceful!! Enjoy that wonderful weather!!

    1. The puppy is about 2 years old and very pretty. and a great doggies fix for Suzie. The early morning walks are wonderful

  2. Today I went to buy some fresh veggies and the asparagus was 4.99 a bundle it stayed at the store. You sure are getting that lawn mowed up

    1. I would leave it in the store for that price as well. This was $2.00 a lb.
      Getting it done will need to do it again soon.

  3. It was a perfect day yesterday and woke this morning at 7. The kind of morning I love when I can walk outside in my pjs and it is already above 60F.
    That grass looks like hay right now, they should bale it. Too bad it didn't get cut before you got there, at least once. :S

    1. Yes do love the warm early mornings.
      It actually was cut once, but it grows so fast. They tried baling out one time but the ground is too rough.

  4. All that bouncing around on the mower can't be good for your back. Good thing you have a back cracker nearby! ;c)

    1. That's why I went in the afternoon, plus its been 6 months since the last time.

  5. LOVE my chiropractor!! You'll have that lawn shipshape in no time! What a beautiful location to park.

    1. Chiropractor does wonders for my body and has for 38 years. We do love it here and mowing the lawn is fun and relaxing.

  6. So nice of you to bring Suzie lilacs. I love them, the colour and wonderful smell.


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