Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Keady market preview and a fun birthday dinner for a very good friend at Rock Glen North.

Where are we today ?
Durham Ontario
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this posting is just the highlights of today,
 will add more to another posting
       More great weather today and we have a plan, head to the Keady Farmer's and Livestock market, Only about 40 minutes from here and the 6 of us hopped in Gerry's truck, Bill was the navigator taking all the back roads.
        Got here about 9:30 we headed out our own and agreed to meet at 11 am. It has been many years since I have been here and forgot how big this markets was. We wandered about for about 90 minutes and could have sent more time, But did get some deals that we were looking for.
some really good deals and great product here,
 I will post more about here later
all these small plums on the left 2 bucks
huge beefsteak field tomatos 5 bucks
      Got home for lunch, and one slice of these amazing tomatoes  does one sandwich, so fresh we really love these garden fresh tomatoes when we can get them.
now this is a Toatsed tomato sandwich !
       Now just hanging out here, Gerry tealxiing in the hammock and Tucker under there wondering what is going on?
       At 3 pm our Good Friends Rob and Pat came over for Happy Hour, but the big deal was today is Rob's birthday.. He's now as old as me and hey that's old !
       As soon as they arrived the skies opened up with some major rain, wind, thunder and lightening, even hail. Just for his Birthday I guess. So into to Bill and Patsy's trailer we go, can't stop this party !
Gerry , Suzie and Rob
     Well the rain and storm came,  for a bit but we had too much fun, jokes, stories and ,lotsa laughs.
yes a few minutes of Hail 
the wind and rain amazing
     Then by 5 pm it all went away, so we outside checking things out.
Melinda and Rob
enjoying the wonderful weather now that storm has gone
         I fired up our Weber Q to grill some Cornish Pasties that we picked up in Grand Bend last week on our way here.
1 Pastie each for 8 of us a made a bit of gravy cause I could 
     So we had a feast for Rob's Birthday, with gravy , salad, shrimp,  cocktails  and even more laughs.
sure was tasty
the storm quit and eating before 6 pm 

Pat brought the shrimp ring
       Now for desert and Rob's Birthday Patsy baked 2 pies ! Strawberry Rhubarb and an Apple pie, which we enjoyed with ice cream.
what a perfect way to finish a perfect day
        Now to wrap up the day we have to take a group shot for Rob's Birthday  and the group of 8 of us all from Rock Glen resort in Arkona Ontario. We all got together in Southern California for Rock Glen South west, Now the bunch of us a together at Rock Glen North! Some times we even get together at Rock Glen Resort at well where we all met.
Happy Birthday Rob
      Now that sure was a fun day, minimal posting tonight, just highlights of our fun day,
      Thanks for stopping on by.
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. That looks like quite the happy crowd!

    1. We had a wonderful time, getting together having too much fun.

  2. It was a great day and the best way to celebrate Rob's birthday!

    1. It sure was a great day, and just another excuse for a party, as if we need an excuse. lol..

  3. That's a great group picture! Looks like "8 people that found the secret to enjoying life. "

    BTW.... Got a good orbital buffer, the Meguier products you mentioned and am happy to report that it is really taking shape.
    Amazing how nice the fiberglass looks after you get rid of the chalking!
    Thanks again for taking the time to explain and show it on your blog. The tip about using a little water when compounding was quite helpful.


    1. We do know how to enjoy life, with good friends and good food.
      Glad that your polishing is working out for you. It sure makes you rig look much better.

  4. Wow those tomatoes look amazing..I swear I could taste them on that sandwich! Looks like an awesome day even with the rain and wind, and how nice it cleared so you could enjoy being outside! Great group shot of you all!

    1. They are amazing tomatoes so tasty.
      The weather did work out pretty good for us and fun as usual.

  5. Holy cow those are some amazing tomatoes! Wish they were available in grocery stores instead of just farmers markets. If you didn't guess, I love tomatoes... :c)

    1. Amazing, yes they were. I have seen some in the local grocery stores around here recently too.

  6. Good thing you are retired so you have time to have so much fun :) That as some hail.

    1. That's for sure, retirement is a wonderful lifestyle, we love it!


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