Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, August 14, 2017

More great summer weather snd moving on down the road.

Where are we today ?
clic a pid to enlarge it.
     What do we have here ? Just more great weather here in southern Ontario, We really love the summers here. Just after 6 am we had a very nice different sunrise right from our dining room table.
Interesting sunrise tis morning
      Then I did a walkabout town for a while and back home shortly after 8 am. Suzie was ready so we can secure our coach taking our time, no rush today. Then on the road around 9:30 am Heading to Rock Glen resort. Only 72 miles but the relaxing back country roads is wonderful, Stopped to top up our prone only .62 cents a litre here and top up our gas tanks for our future travels in a couple of weeks.
       Pulled into Rock Glen resort about noon, got all set up and enjoyed a nice light lunch. This is our home membership park and we keep coming back here, why not? We get free. camping with full hookups, plus a lot of other parks in the system that we can enjoy when we aren on the road.
here we al all set up in one of our favourite campsites
Gerry stop t say Hi with Tucker hanging out the wnidow
         Then Walt stopped by with Maya and Suzie got her doggie fix.
she is a wonderful dog has to stop and see Suzie and get a treat
Happy hour evolved, Walt, Paul, Judy,Suzie and,me taking the picture
        Soon time to whip up supper. Tonight we have a huge pork loin roast I picked up on sale the other day. Cut this into one small pork roast for tonight's supper and 2 more large ones for another time down the road.
all this for o ly $14.00, we will get a lot of meals from it
       I made up a green salad for supper while our Weber Q was preheating then onto the grill and done to perfection. even grilled some yellow pepper to go with it , just cause I could.
Salad, grilled pepper, applesauce, and watermelon
sure did the trick tonight
this was our nce back country trip today
       There ya go thats what we did today, once again new places, new faces and new scenery, just the way we like to live our life.
        Thanks for taking the time to drop on by and really hope you had an awesome day as well.
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Interesting sunrise picture, nice colors. Living in town with houses all around we never have a good view of the sun coming up. One of the things I love about the desert is being able to sit and watch the sun come up in the morning.
    Sounds like you two had another wonderful day to enjoy.

    1. We did have a wonderful day thanks, we love the desert and we can watch the sun rise and set most every day. Awesome for sure.

  2. Another move to another place you love. Looks like a peaceful day for you too with friends.

    1. It was a nice peaceful day, just cruising the back roads and settling in here for a couple of weeks.

  3. Travel on the country roads is always more relaxing, looks like a great day.

    1. It is very relaxing , nice pace and very little traffic as well.

  4. That roast looked great! Nice having a home park to enjoy as well.

    1. We love a pork roast done on our Weber Q. And the home park is perfect for our lifestyle too.

  5. The sunrise was beautiful! Happy hour looked like a good little group and that roast yummy!


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