Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, July 31, 2017

More friends arrived today and getting together, too much fun here. And a double doggie fix

Where are we today ?
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     Just more wonderful weather here, no complaints at all. 60F (15c) outside at 6 am not too bad at all. Dud get uo to 85f later today, love this.
      After checking emails and a bunch of coffee I took a nice walk down the country road here to Baptist Church road and there church.No cows in the field this morning and was a very nice peaceful walk.
the Baptist church at the end of the road
some nice wildflowers by the side of the road
       A little bit later a quick trip into the Foodland in Durham only a few miles down the road, pick up some milk (Almond Milk) and a loaf of bread.
        While in town I drove around the corner to check out the conservation area. Just above the dam they have a wonderful day use beach, and it is FREE. we like free. Now if I could only talk Suzie into going to the beach it would be wonderful, hmm think not.
a beautiful beach here right in town 
         Home to putter around for a bit, whipped up a nice light lunch and I had some energy to finish polishing and waxing the right , lower  side of our coach. No ladder needed and it was all done in an hour. Feels good now to get our coach all polished and waxed again.
love the shine
      Now to relax a bit in the shade with our e-readers.
First doggie fix for Suzie with Clemson
      Then about 1:30 this afternoon Gerry, Melinda and Tucker pulled in to visit for a couple of days.
Gerry backing in
Patsy welcoming them
Gerry, yes it is nice to see you guys again too
Now Suzie has Clemson on her knee and Tucker under her chair
double doggie fix !
almost looks like a campground here,
3 rv's now
       Of course we all get together just before 4 pm, what do we do? Happy Hour,  chat, catch up share stories, tell jokes and pick on Gerry!
lotsa laughs  then soon time to whip up supper
Tucker followed Suzie home for a few rubs
Just before time for supper, the skies clouded over, major thunder and lightening
but only a few small sprinkles of rain
      Supper tonight a lean pork tenderloin (got on sale yesterday) and a salad. Another of our favourite meals.
        Like to use the grill mat for this, helps to keep the grill clean.
not long on the grill and done perfectly 150f internal temp
is so moist and tender
tasty? Yup ans leftovers as usual
      After supper Bill got a nice campfire going, so we just had to join them.
And Clemson right back on her knee again.
we have a wonderful roaring for tonight
perfect with no winds
Now Clemson on Gerry's knee,
good thing Tucker did not see him
          Just another perfect day , great weather with good friends and another wonderful sunset again.
     That was just another day hanging out here with friends enjoying each other's company.
      Thanks for stopping by again.
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Your first picture looks like it should be on a calendar!! Love that beach!!
    You sure have a nice shine on your rig!! Mike is about to begin that chore tomorrow!! Got to keep the Ollie shinning!!

    1. Thanks Guys, the shining for me is a fun job, always feel good when it is done and looks wonderful !

  2. We all know how to camp together and have a good time as well!

  3. And, the fun just continues. That's good.


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