Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Mowing a bit more lawn and enjoying this amazing summer weather.

Where are we today ?
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           Well what the heck , last night after coming home from Pa fest we sat outside for a while reading, Suzie called me in at 9 pm. She found a car race movie on TV. Now you talking ! So inside I go, get comfy in front of the tube on my recliner. Now most movies and tv shows put me to sleep in 15 minutes or less.  But we both enjoyed this fast paced movie. (almost like a modern Day smokey and the Bandit). Well heck we both got into it and loved the action. Do I remember the name of the movie? Nope, but soon we realized it was 3 hours long! My god not over until midnight ! Not sure how but we both managed to stay wake right until the ending. These types of movies will do that to us. We have not stayed up until midnight for a very long time!
          So with that very late night we slept in this morning until 7 am ! Wow feel like we missed half the day already. So to make up for this sleeping in have a quick bowl of cereal, and coffee , then headed out before 9 am for my first walkabout town. Still so wonderfully quite just hearing the mourning doves cooing and not much else.
heading into town down River Road
        Back home for a bit then another walk across the road by the Nith River, with the recent rains north of here the water level is quite high and of course kinda muddy looking from the runoff. It would be a fast canoe trip down the river the way it s flowing right now.
          Then a light lunch I whipped into New hamburg for a few supplies and home to hop on this Ferris Mower to finish mowing the yard here. Not much more than an hour and was all done.
just love zipping around on this mower
looks wonderful once again
        Then by 2 pm gonna call it a nice productive day, grabbed my e-reader and join Suzie in the shade. even though it was in the high 80's here and I felt like maybe a dip in the pool. John had company so we will not intrude after all this is his home.No problem it was still nice and comfy here.
nice to get some more reading done while we can outside
      As usual  just after 4:30 time to begin supper. so I preheated  our Weber Q, whipped up a salad and a couple of shrimp Kabobs.
marinated the shrimp, and made the kabobs set on the Q for maybe
 10 minutes until done to perfection
looks good
sure hit the spot tonight
after yesterdays feast
          A pretty relaxing day, amazing weather and was so welcome after the busy times we have had .
          Checked our tires and things getting our coach ready to hit the road in the morning, not too far just about 90 minutes down the road.
         Just want to thank y'all for stopping by to check us out . Hope ya had a great summer day as well.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Nothing quite like the expanse of a lovely freshly mowed green lawn. Love the smell as well. Ahhhh....

  2. Ah common whats's the name of the movie? The mower looks like a fun ride, but I'll let you have the fun, while I sit back and wait for your next fun blog.

    1. Nope I can't remember it either. This mower is a fun ride and I enjoy it when we are here. It will be a while before we get back this year.

  3. Always especially enjoy the pictures and descriptions when you are parked in this spot. It looks so quiet and peaceful.

    1. Thanks Guys, it is a wonderful quiet area that we love.

  4. Looks like you had the same kind of day that we did, light fluffy clouds. It could stay like that for another couple of months! I don't think I've seen your spot from this angle before, now I can see the front of John's house.
    Grass all cut, time to move on down da road! :)

    1. Yes it sure was a pretty decent day just about perfect.
      That's John's house the pool is behind it, we have that itch again, time to move on down da road again.

  5. So nice and green! Your shish kebabs look awesome. I tend to forget about them when Ken is bar b quing but I love the way veggies taste on the bar b q. Got some chicken breast hmm..we always look forward to your blog in the am!

    1. BBQ anything is always good. You can do chicken Kabobs they are wonderful as well.
      Thanks for following us.


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