Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, August 12, 2017

A storm last night and Pa fest today that we always enjoy.

Where are we today ?
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Elmer and Kayes' Place
Pa Fest
     About 8:45 last night we were enjoying a nice quiet evening out side reading, then it cooled down, some thunder and lightening the skies opened up. And we had a downpour. Winds did pick up and storm warming so we rolled up our awning just to be on the safe side. Don't want to loose another one like last year, the insurance company would not like that.
last night's rainfall
       This morning nice and warm again so I did get a few walkabouts town, chatted with an old friend I have not seen for years (one of the local hunters "Wayne" that organized a group to come to my restaurant for lunch every fall during hunting season, one year 32 of them came in!).
        Did get a few miles walking about them home for lunch. It was nice and sunny only in the low 70's though. Right after lunch my plan was to mow a couple more acres of lawn. But the rain started for a few minutes. Then the sun came out so walked back hopped on the mower and only got 2 rounds in and the skies opened up again! Back to the shred and wait it out, maybe 10 minutes, So back at it for another hour. Enough for today. Tomorrow I will finish the last part at the front around our coach the house and pool.
       Not back to enjoying our e-readers and enjoying this weather. Shortly after 3:30pm Suzie's dad met us here and followed down the back roads a couple miles to Elmer and Kay's place for "PA FEST".  Elmer managed the Plattsville arena forever, (now his Grandson has taken over).We have been invited there for many years and always a good time. They cook the meat and corn on the cob and then rest is a pot luck, provided for somewhere around 200 people that show up every year. Always a fun time to chat with old friends and people we have not seen for a while usually once a year here. With my restaurant here for 10 years met pretty well everyone in town.
heading in under then pear trees
we early not many people here yet
Suzie and her Dad talking to Judy
the kids like the slushies
lots stuff for the young ones to enjoy
Mat cooking some corn over the fire
Cindy on the left an old neighbor and her mom Sally
slicing up the smoked brisket
pulled pork has been done
so tasty and tender
Elmer welcoming everyone
then grace was said by the Minister
down the buffet line both sides
moves quickly

pulled pork and smoked brisket, excellent
there, more than I needed but was so tasty
the line still moving
Suzie and her dad found a table to eat at
oh deserts!
ice cream too
      For me not being a desert eater I sure ate my share, all was excellent.
desert took me over the top
       We were there over 4 hours and the time just flew on by, so many people to chat with and catchup up with that we all know, What a fun time it was, And was actually surprised at all the people there that actually read our blog but never comment, can't talk about where we have been cause they already know lol....
       But with stuffed tummies time for us to waddle to the ca and head home take a Pepcid to help us out. Post tonights blog then head inside to soon call it a night.
        A big thank you to Elmer and Kay for this wonderful celebration and of course all the family members that pitched in as well.
        And thank you readers for following along.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Replies
    1. It sure was a wonderful feast, so much good food, and wonderful people as well.

  2. WOW - that looks like a lot of fun with family and friends. I was over the top before you got to dessert.

    1. It sure was fun time, and I was over the top before desert,and should have passed on it, but was all delicious.

  3. Looks like a beautiful property that your friends have. I love the pear tree! What a wonderful spread of food.

    We have also found that we meet quite a few people who read the blog but don't comment. Maybe now that you have talked with them, they may start.

    1. It sure is a wonderful property, with lots of these pear trees, not quite ripe yet though. It is amazing the number of people who read our blogs, who would have thought?
      And the spread of food always amazes me as well.

  4. Sometimes ya just gotta do it! What a spread!

  5. Wow, makes me hungry. Have you had any issues with your slide scratching your new floor?

    1. It was a great feast, nobody goes away hungry from here, thats for sure.
      No issues at all so far, works and looks wonderful, I have some strips of old indoor/outdoor carpet in rolls in on .
      Have you had any issues with yours?

    2. Yes, we have to use those runners that I sent you a link to on Amazon, otherwise it scratches the wood. Kind of a pain to have to slide those in each time, but better than having the floor scratched.

    3. That's for sure Kevin, this works for us perfectly.

  6. I've got to say that party at Pa's looks awesome! Been seeing you go every summer for several years now. That food is incredible! Lucky you had such a nice day for it. Suzie's dad looks like he's doing well...glad to see..

    1. It is a great party ad wonderful get together. Yes we have been going for a overlong time and try make a point of being in the area every years if we can.
      Her Dad is doing very well thanks.

  7. Don't think I've ever seen a plate of yours so loaded up! Glad you enjoyed it (how could you not?). :c)

    1. Not very often I eat that much and should know better, I tried to sample everything, but not possible redid enjoy it but paid for it..

  8. So nice to see this tradition continuing it. You always get different photos each year. Quite the gathering of friends and families.

    1. It sure is nice that it keeps in going hopefully for many more years. Everybody is getting older and maybe it will be passed on down. Always a fun time.


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