Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Easter Sunday and Snow !!!

Where are we today ?
        What the heck its Easter Sunday, we have have had some fairly decent weather. Friday we in the sunshine on the deck in short sleeves and kids in shorts. 
this morning 7:30 am
country drive
        Well my usual country drive to Plattsville first thing in the morning, chat with the guys and home before 9am. My project this morning was to make 2 pies, so did just that. Frozen pie crusts, frozen cherries and a raisin pie filling in the cupboard, I whipped them up.
         So we could leave here at 11:30 to her Aunt's place in Kitchener to visit for Easter dinner at 1 pm. Looks like most of the family will be there. Included the young ones 30 people altogether. So tables set up in the dining room, living room and kitchen to accommodate the crew.
         Aunt Delores did and amazing job of putting this all together and the house smelled wonderful with hams cooking in the oven.  Lots of amazing food, 3 salads, mashed taters, ham glaze, corn, pineapple, homemade mustard and of course easter eggs.
dining room/ living room
of course easter eggs
her tradition Easter Rice crispy lamb
beautiful fresh cut tulips
the feast is ready
now is that a feast or what?
        Of course them we have desert, my Raisin and cherry pies, pumpkin pie, cookies, Nanaimo bars, cake,  peanut brittle and of course chocolate and even more stuff.
        Meal done everyone stuff and we cah sit around and catchup with each others lives. It is usully maybe once or twice a year we get together and this is the first time in a while tha almost everyone at one time.
       The young ones down stairs (about 10 of them) and the adults upstairs. The kids love to spread out play games and cousins getting together on rare occasions.
        The the Easter bunnies appeared and hid some Eater eggs around the yard.
2 easter bunnies this year
this was the youngest girl searcher and she was successful,
even if the old ones got ahead of her.
so  cute she is too
         I could stand corrected by I believe she is a grand niece for Suzie and I. No matter, they are all family and all fun to have around, even the older ones as well.
         The afternoon flew on by and we could not eat any more food so time for us to head on back to New Hamburg and guess what ? Most of this mornings snow is gone! And once again no more food today. But they did have an unwanted huge ham bone that I snaffled that I will proceed to make a pot of soup with. Not sure yet what it will be but the bones are making a very nice smelling soup base as I type this. Will wrap it up tomorrow after cooling in the fridge and skimming the fat.
         It was such a wonderful Easter gathering which again. Thanks so much Earlus and Delores for hosting this wonderful family gathering. It is a big undertaking but you did id with apparent ease and success. We would not have been here this year except for our early return this winter. So all the pluses this year almost make that cold weather go away.
          Thanks for the visit and hope your Easter Sunday was a great one too!
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this past Winter.


  1. What a beautiful table. I love those tulip napkins.

    Glad the weather didn't stop the kids from doing the egg hunt.

    Happy Easter

    1. Nothing will stop the kids from doing the hunts.

  2. Wow! What a wonderful day. Just think you would have missed all the fun if you were out in the desert. Sometimes things work out for the best! :c)

    1. There is always as reason for some things, and guess this is compensation for being here.

  3. Replies
    1. Nanaimo Bars are a no bake desert of Canadian origin. It consists if a wafer crumb base topped with a custard flavored buttered icing, covered with melted chocolate made from chocolate squares, very tasty.

  4. Oh she is such a sweetie. What a lovely gathering of the family. Happy Easter.

  5. Replies
    1. It is nice to get together with the group again.

  6. Snow? You had snow again? It should all be melted by now.

    What a great Easter you had. That food and decor looks amazing. It's so fun to go to big family gatherings.

    1. The snow is gone again, just keeps coming back but just a bit at a time.
      The gathering was wonderful.

  7. 30 for dinner - I can imagine the feast you had. We had a beautiful Easter day here.


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