Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Movin' on down the Road to Rock Glen Resort Resort again.

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen Resort Arkona Ontario
        We gonna have another hot day and are ready for it. First thing this morning I took our car to Pettigrew's garage at 8 am for an oil change and then we are gonna get ready to hit the road. Back home we hear thunder and dark clouds coming from the west.

       Getting ready we are all packed up, hooked up the car and a major thunderstorm hit us. Just as we are going to say goodbye and say thank you to our hosts. So just sat on their deck for a while while it blew over (nice roof they have here). 

        Their son Jamie and a friend were there enjoying the wonderful warm heavy rain, even hopped on the trampoline and enjoyed fun in the rain, kinda got wet.
rain is coming down
boys on the trampoline
yep its raining still
lotsa rain
        Thirty minutes later and 1/2 inch of rain the sun came out and they are in the pool just having a ball.
        Now almost 11 am and the rains have stopped we hit the road heading to Rock Glen Resort in Arkona, only 90 minutes away.  Wonderful sunny drive thru the small villages of southern Ontario. Checked in here and were lucky to get the nice shady site we had last time.  All set up and not 30 minutes later we had another major storm lasting about 30 minutes again.
all set up
         Once the rain stopped we enjoy an nice refreshing afternoon with our books outside. Then we hear loud bangs and pops! Transformer in the park has blown, lots of sparks and flames. Some power went out for a while then Ontario Hydro shows up with boom truck to rectify the situation. We were with out electricity for maybe half an hour. No big deal we don't need much anyway. The only way we knew was our digital clock was flashing.
        We had Trish drop by to pick up some of the leftover salad we had from the weekend, chatted for a bit then fired up our Weber for supper. Tonight we thought a half of a chicken would be nice for a change from all the pork we have been eating . So cooked that up and some more potato and pasta salad just finished off our plates. Still very hot out so the salad are much appreciated. (Thanks John and Lea) 

        Supper done and a wonderful evening so outside for a bit to read some, compute a bit and just kinda really relax for a nice quiet evening, its been a while.

        We are here for about 12 days I think and will be nice and restful.

        Thanks for tuning in, hope ya'll had a great day too.
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  1. We're always happy when our timing works out like that and we can miss the storms when we travel. you did good.

  2. sun rain sun least your getting some sun between showers...:) enjoy your stay

  3. Enjoy your stay...we were supposed to have some Monsoon action tonight, but nothing so far.

    1. Good luck with the Monsoons, I think you need it.

  4. If you guys relax any harder, you'll start going backwards. Best be careful.

  5. I imagine with the excessive heat you've had back there, the odd rainstorm must be a bit of a relief. It's nice that it rained and then the sun came out so quickly again for the kids to swim.

    1. A few rain showers is nice, and the return of the hot humid weather, loving this summer!

  6. Please send sun and relaxation!! Glad you are having a good time.

    1. Always having a good time. Can't send much sun sorry, and the relaxation is what we are good at, but it does take practice!


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