Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just a normal day, I think...

Where are we today ?
Buckhorn Ontario
         Great night for sleeping last night, the heat and humidity has let up for a while. This morning nice a sunny up to 79 f (27c). Again lotsa walkabouts the resort, chat with people and putter around for a bit. 
        I stopped by the Mclean Berry farm around the corner to check things out, lotsa fresh fuit and veggies. Picked up a couple peaches and fresh peas for supper tonight, its been a long time since we had fresh peas in the pod.
        After lunch we went for a short drive to visit with John and Barb, fellow rv'ers that we met in Perry Georgia a few years ago at a Good Sam Rally a very nice couple. Found out they had a summer home not far from Galvin Bay resort. 
awesome scenery
heading to the lake
        Once we got there the two dogs are all excited and were just all over Suzie, yep she getting her dog fix again!

they have a nice place with a deck overlooking the river
        After a nice visit for a few hours it was time to head home to whip up supper. And tonight BBQ'd pork ribs, sauerkraut, fresh peas and carrots and potatoes.
cleaning the peas, Suzie did three to my one,
(she had a lot of practice on the farm as a child)

15 minutes in the pressure cooker for the ribs,
 then 12 minutes for the potatoes
        While the potatoes are cooking the ribs are being glazed on our Weber, just to perfection, nice and tender with a sticky, sweet and smokey sauce. 
yep love my Weber
tasty ribs
        That feast is done (too much to eat, but will have leftovers). Then to relax for a bit with our books and computing before calling it another great summer day.
        Thanks for the read. 
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  1. I did beef ribs tonight. I am such a fan!

  2. nothing wrong with a normal day in our lifestyle...

  3. I never thought of doing the ribs in the pressure cooker before the webber...humm will have to try that...glad you had a normal day...great pictures of the scenery..will be putting one of my pressure cookers on the rig...:)

    1. The pressure cookers does come in pretty handy, can cook up quick tasty meals

  4. Love fresh peas in the pod and this is the only time to get them. However I just eat them like candy, they never make it into a pot, just direct to my lips.

    1. Oh yeah we consumed many of those well cleaning them too.....


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