Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another great day in Upper Ratho Station

Where are we today ?
Upper Ratho Station Ontario
        Even thou it was late last night I was up early again as usual, posting the Blog I normally would have done last night. Well the internet was slow and frustrating trying to upload pictures, so I finally gave up and just posted a couple. But later today I checked and our connection was lightning fast go I finished posting the rest of the too many pictures from the fun times we had yesterday. you can see them by clicking here.
        Today the fun started again, we were told to be here for breakfast so here we are a whole mess of adults and kids that slept over. 
morning sun across the pond in front of our coach
look the other way and cows grazing in the field.
         As everyone got up, coffee on and the kids are into the pond, even a few dogs too.
        Larry and Trish cut up the leftover potatoes and began making homfried potatoes, I was puttering around and thought maybe I could help out a bit, next thing I am having too much fun. cooking the bacon , potatoes and flipping eggs, just like the old days in the restaurant! 

Suzie is crushing cans
kids are waiting for breaky
        It seems like everybody got fed, we cooked up 5 lbs of bacon, 5 dozen eggs, and huge pile of potatoes, should be nobody hungry after that.

Larry and I cooking

oh yeah and we had dales beans too
        Now tidy up a bit relax around the pond and watch the kids having fun. Then few games of washer toss, tell stories, with the car races on Tv too, everybody had a great time.

Washer toss
        Then about 4 o'clock a fishing derby for the kids, they have one hour to see who can catch the largest fish. So fishing rods ready and away they went, lots of action as they pulled in the Bass, taken to the offical measuring station and documented. (catch and release) After and hour and many fish checked there was a winner declared, and I did not get her name, but she caught a 12 and 1/2 inch bass, no matter we all had fun.

        Next thing on the agenda, guess what we have to eat agin, so out comes the left over beef, chicken, pork, cheeses, desert and buns. And a huge pot of fresh corn on the cob.
        Now Dean he took two pineapples and cut them up like the picture below and grilled them with Maple Syrup and cinnamon brushed over to, wow was that ever tasty! (supposed to have Grand Marnier to, but we had none)
awesome pineapple
        Ok now thats it, the day is winding down , time for people to go home, put up their feet and relax after two great days of fun in the sun with friends and family. Thanks to the Pettigrew family so much for the invite. We will move on down the road in the morning.
        And thanks everybody else for dropping by to visit us here in Blogland.
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  1. It is hard not to have fun taking pictures when everyone around you is having so much fun. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Now that looked like one fun day!

  3. You're just having way too much fun. I bet the winter season is the time for rest.

    1. You are so right, we head south for a rest thats for sure, but we do enjoy it so much.

  4. Sure looked like a fun weekend with your friends and family. Great looking breakfast and that pineapple sounded delicious. Safe travels to you and Suzie.

  5. You really do have the best of times while home in Canada. Happy for you.


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