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Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sandy's 50th Birthday party

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
        Well this is the day for Sandy's 50th birthday party she is our sister-in-law and an excellent hostess for us her at the farm. Also the main reason we are here at this time. A lot of work on a dairy farm and we like to help out when we can. So putter around for a couple day to get ready for today's bash.

Happy Birthday Sandy !
        Chatting socializing, and eating lots food is the order of the day. Oh yeah we had lots to eat, roast beef on a bun, potato salad, coleslaw, veggies and dips, cheese trays and a huge gluten free birthday cake with ice cream for desert.

Joanne and Suzie prepping veggies 
Mark and her daughter Stacey
1 st grandson Ben
of course Omer gets involved

Mark  serving the beef
salads and veggies
my lunch
Suzie her sister Rose and Ben.
a nice shady spot 

cake and ice cream
hanging out in the house
five generations here
Omer doing dishes
After licking the plate around for a while
he finally put his foot on it to hold it still.
        Most of the friends and relatives invited today are farmers so they we get together at 1 pm after church to eat and then they all head back to their respective farms for chores about 4 pm. about 50 people here to celebrate today.
        As people left and chores and milking done a few came back for another round of food, chat a bit more then we all gonna call it a night.
        Always nice to have these large get togethers glad you could join us today.
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  1. Parties are a lot of fun. Glad you had a great time. Happy Birthday, Sandy!

  2. what a nice gathering...and how great of Omer to help with the dishes....of course you had mega delicious looking I have to go eat every time I read your blog I'm hungry lol

    1. The power of suggestion works wonders dosen't it?

  3. Love the 5 generation photo! Great time to get together. Good trick getting Omer to help with the dishes:)

    1. Omer he loves doing dishes, not crazy about salad plates thou.

  4. Happy 50th Birthday to Sandy. Quite the celebration with lots of happy looking family members.

    Great looking buffet too!

    1. The problem with being here, all this food kinda makes ya eat, not good for me with no will power.


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