Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sun. Feb. 19th, Not Much

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006

Where are we today ?

        A bright sunny Sunday morning and no wind again. So just puttering around coffees, computing , walkabouts, you know the usual. Enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. I waxed the front of our coach again to keep the bugs sliding off and found a few things to keep me busy for a while. Then decided it was an awesome day and had to get out our chairs again and enjoy the sun, the shade and our books.
a perfect day
        We had a nice breakfast for a change so bypassed lunch and decided to have our own Happy Hour with snacks mid afternoon, some crackers, cheese and summer sausage did the trick. Just relaxin, reading on a California warm, sunny, sunday afternoon, hey kinda like this life. I even took a few minutes to cleanup our Weber Q 100 grill. It gets a lot more use than our stove and oven. I'd rather clean the barbie than the oven any day.

        Now the big decision, what to have for supper, I think we will split a huge smoked pork chop that we have, with some creamy whipped potatoes, carrots and broccoli for a lovely sunday BBQ.
just perfect
        Supper is done and the evening now winds down with a nice sunset accompanied by a temperature drop so we can snuggle inside for a wonderful quiet evening.
        That was it for today, not much, but it was just awesome. This is still by far the best job we ever had. Oh yeah I forgot this was Sunday a day of rest.

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  1. Relaxin California sunday sounds like a Beach Boys or Eagles song looks like ya had a good day of RV'in


  2. Another awesome post. I sure enjoy your blog. The RV park you are in looks great - the type I would like. I looked up their website and see they are a group of RV parks on the west coast. I couldn't find prices (Not asking for personal info, mind you! LOL) but it seems a membership to these would be a good thing. Do you agree? Thanks so much!

  3. Rick and Elaine:

    Any day Rv'in is better than not RV'in in our minds. Hey I feel like a Beach Boy just don't look like one anymore haha.

  4. Jool:

    We are fulltime and pretty well stay in membership resorts. We have access to over 700 affiliated ones at the moment. With three memberships and depending an the ones we stay at our overnight fees are usually free or 9 to 10 dollars a night. And quite a few 1/2 price. A lot of membership offers out there you need to decide what works best for you, the trick is reasearch.

  5. Looks like your in a nice place to relax for a while. Why hurry to head north to soon? Keep enjoying those beautiful days. Wishing you both a great week!

  6. Allen and Lolita:

    Yes just enjoy the weather, soon enough we have to head north.

  7. We love smoke pork chops. Never thought of sharing one tho. 40 days until we start our trip home. making a note of all the parks you are staying at as we may be in those areas.

  8. Michael and Dee:

    This smoked porkchop was over an inch thick and 1 and 1/2 pounds, too much for one of us!
    Maybe we will see you on the road or at least back in Ontario somewhere. Travel safe.
    Bought at the Roadrunner Market in Quartzsite, we might have to stop there again on our way thru next week for more.

  9. Wow! That would be too big for us too! Maybe we will pass that way. Definitely will meet up in Ontario over the summer, sometime!

  10. I THINK (and that's a big maybe) we may be moving to the Needles Elks on Wednesday. Are you going to be around?

  11. Wanderin'

    We here until thursday would be great to meet you!


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