Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wed. Oct. 12, Wet Wednesday

        Up early this morning and no bright sunshine, in fact the forecast says rain almost all day. I just hope not yet, we have an appointment to service our coach this morning 8 a.m at Pettigrew's Garage this morning. So after coffees and computing we secure the our house and I am off for a nice country drive to Plattsville while Suzie has a dentist appointment in New Hamburg.
good roads this morning
Pettigrew's Garage
        I try to get the service done when the weather is decent because Dale has to work on it outside, (it's a little big for the shop). We get excellent service here and all of our repairs have been done here since we purchased this home.
outside service
        Got this done and Dale will check the availability for new sway bar bushings and get back to me, we have about a week or so to get the work done. So back home set up then the rains began. The farmers get a rest now, no harvesting until things dry out so now they can get caught up on much needed sleep. Even Omer waiting outside for Suzie to wake up.

Omer having a nap

        I went to Town for a birthday cake for grandson Noah he will be eight on November so we will celebrate it early as usual, before we head south, and to pick up a few items for tonight's supper.
Omer and Suzie waiting for supper
        So tonight the choice is a feed of chicken wings, vegetable fried rice and my version of egg foo young. Chinese food that Dennis can eat, with his food allergies, we know what's in it. All I have to do, is prepare and chop all the ingredients then it all cooks up real quick when we are ready to eat.
lotsa food here for the four of us
        Now our chicken wing and chinese cravings are satisfied its still raining so back home and put our feet up relax. A tv show and the restful pitter patter of rain on our roof (its already 9 pm) then call it a night.
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  1. Always nice to have the same serviceman on the RV, they get to know your vehicle and often get a feel for potential problems.

  2. Contessa:
    Yes Dale has been working on the coach since we got it, have known him for 30 years, when he was till in school.


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