Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wed. Sept 28th. More fun

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        Well here we are just enjoying the campground, planning our winter migration and still enjoying the mild weather. When the sun shines we run out to grab a few rays of this great vitamin source. This morning I helped neighbor Jack set up his digital converter box in his trailer. Not sure why he was having problems but it worked for me so now he has some new digital tv channels. Then I found a place to set up our Sirius Satellite radio, check out the features of this new toy, install a battery for the remote, surf some of the commercial free radio stations. I know we will enjoy it.

       For a couple of days now we have some free entertainment in the resort and just like little kids we are keeping and eye on the excavation, digging up the old broken pavement and getting things ready for a facelift at the entrance to our resort.
grading the parking lot
entrance gate
the hi hoe hooking up the trailer

        We did have some warm sunny periods this afternoon and were able to read outside for a while, then Trish dropped by for a chat and social hour with us, while I preheated up our Weber Q 100 grill, then set to medium low, ready to work its magic once again. I seasoned a whole 3 lb chicken, potato and pepper squash in foil put them directly on the grill, closed the lid for 1 hour and 15 minutes (no peaking). Take the chickens temperature to make sure he is perfectly done and there we go, a tasty moist chicken dinner.
yummy chicken
        Being just the two of us here we each get half a chicken, to eat what we want and still have plenty of left overs for another meal or two. Then afterwards Trish and Maggie stopped by and we went for a walkabout the resort to check again more of the construction, now that the machines were quiet.
Suzie and Maggie
        Another great day, getting itchy feet more and more everyday, but we do have commitments to take care of before we hit the road, so we will hurry up and wait.
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  1. Sounds like the radio will be a fun addition. Enjoy your hurry up and wait day.

  2. Contessa:
    Enjoying the radio so far hopefully I can hear it when we are on the road.

  3. George, you are killin' me man !!

    Teresa went out for a good bye supper with more friends tonight, so I am having cereal and popcorn for supper.

    Today was a tough one, because we had my little retirement party at work. Only 5 more days of work !!

  4. Trent and Teresa:
    Five more days than away ya go, good luck!


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