Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mon. Sept 26th Just another rainy day

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       Up early this morning and its overcast, and raining but at least its warm. Coffee, computing and a walkabout in the rain hoping it will clear up. No chance today. So what to do on a yukky day? Putter around, research the internet, look for ideas for supper, collect some rain water and washed our coach and car in the nice warm rain.

       Checked out the pool and hot tub and thought about going for swim but came back home and got side tracked starting supper early. Today I am going to do pork spare ribs, low and slow on our Weber Q-100 . I seasoned the ribs wrapped in foil with sauerkraut and on the grill on low for 2 hours. Removed the ribs from the foil, back on the grill, slathered with my bbq sauce long enough to caramelize, making them tasty, sweet, sticky and fall-off-the-bone delicious. For the last hour I added some baked potatoes and carrots, broccoli w/cheese on the side.

tasty supper
        While supper was cooking on the grill we sat beside it under our awning listening to the light rain and smelling the ribs cook while enjoying our books. Glad it was such a warm day.

        Then afterwards we had a interesting sunset, with the promise of a nicer day tomorrow, read a little more and a bit of tv before calling it a night.
tonights sunset
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  1. I cannot believe how marvelous your meals are !!

    Do you think that maybe when we are Snowbirding this winter, we can actually take the time to read a book, and make wonderful suppers as well....LOL

    Can hardly wait, only 8 more days of work !!


  2. Trent and Teresa:
    Remember fulltime rving is to take the time to enjoy life, read a book, enjoy cooking, enjoy the sights, no need to race around anymore.


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