Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tues. May 17th A trip to Forest

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       Yep its Tuesday warmer, and a bit dryer. Still overcast, drizzly, no sunshine again all day, but the day still happened anyway. Feels like we could be in London England.

       Morning coffees, computing and walkabouts then I decided to take a drive to Forest normally about 10 minutes away, but two detours made it a twenty minute drive. I took my sunglasses just in case. My first stop here was the Bargain Shop, got me a new pair of shorts for when the sun shines again, see I am optimistic. Then to the license office for a new sticker for our coach, The Beer Store for our favourite brew(sold out in Arkona), Foodland for some groceries and looked at my shopping list need printer paper. I was directed to the Dollar store (they were sold out), then Canadian Tire (no computer paper here), finally back to the Bargain Shop (the first place I stopped in town, but didn't look at my list here) got the paper. Then stopped at KFC for their Toonie Tuesday Special for our lunch (now $2.59 but not too bad) then back home.  Sure glad that Forest is not a big town, all these places are within a few blocks of each other.

       Now back home checked email and had a reply from Josh at Bradd and Hall in Elkhart Indiana, they have our cable in stock, so Suzie gave them a  phone call with payment and shipping information, we should have it in about a week or so.

      Well a couple of walkabouts, chat with a few people, I even repaired Suzie's favourite hand held calculator, over 20 years old , but small AND fixable amazing!
relaxing with a book
       Then relax a bit with a book and its time to start cookin (I wait all day for this moment). I fired up the Barbie and then it decided to rain, no problem we have the awning. For tonight a delicious grilled salmon fillet and rice pilaf just hit the spot.

soo good
       Then we can sit, chat for a while, read a bit then a season finale of NCIS. We will try for sunshine tomorrow I want to wear my new shorts!

       I changed the colours of our Google adds thanks to a tip from Kevin and Ruth, maybe we can generate a few more clicks and therefore a few more cents in the bank. These adds are spam free and usually relate somewhat to the content of our postings.

      As I am posting this I am seeing sunshine touching the tree tops, wow,!! gotta go now, talk later..
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  1. Lots of stop & go, tires me out but sure gets the to do list crossed out. Love a rainy day and a book!

  2. Contessa:
    Yeah drizzly day got the list crossed out, and the rainy day book works pretty good too. Looks like a sunny book today, even better!


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