Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Rock Glen Falls, and just a few days left here having fun cabin camping.

Where are we today ? 
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       What the heck we had another great nights sleep here in our cabin. even with the windows open was wonderful! Up nice and early about 5 am ,don't want to miss any of this amazing weather we are having.
     After walking about the campground I headed across the road about 7 am to check out the Rock Glen Falls, and as always so beautiful and mesmerizing!
love the Rock Glen Falls here
right across the road from our park
so peaceful here other than the sound of the falls
a nice new staircase down to the falls
built last year
this be the falls right across the road
         Back to the campground a few more walkabouts enjoying more quiet times, then home to finish off another coffee and chat with Suzie for a while.
the east pond has a nice fountain 
the area we like to camp in
Love our porch here in the morning sun
      Then about 8:45 I headed out for a nice country drive to Ipperwash beach on lake Huron, just because I could. Enjoy some nice new back roads to explore and the beach as well.
nice country  drive checking out new roads here
wind turbines everywhere around here produce a lot of electricity 
Passed a  huge green house operation along the way
these wind turbines are HUGE !
       Checked out beaches we love here, nice and sandy beaches and great sandbars.
Ipperwash Beach on Lake huron
very nice
this place is hopping in the summer
Looking across Lake Huron ,
Michigan is over there about 25 mile away
     Back home met up with Suzie at Gerry and Melinda's. Gerry helping Suzie with computer issues and Suzie sharing spread sheets with Gerry.
Melinda and her grand daughter Aliya
both are so cute ! 
       After a light tasty lunch I headed over to the fitness centre here for a nice workout for about an hour. Sure does make me feel great !
      Then home to join Suzie on our porch and dive into our e-readers again. I almost finished another page turner, probably will tonight.
love hanging out on this porch to relax in the shade
enjoying our e-readers
     Then at 3 pm we had friends drop by our cabin today for ":Happy Hour" we like to rotate the hosting, so nobody is obligated.
Tucker waits patiently for his treat, good dog
a nice bunch for Happy hour today at our cabin
flapping our gums and sharing tips
     Soon after everyone headed out I fired up our Weber Q to grill a couple of Hayters (onion and parsley) turkey burgers that we love. Thats all we need for supper tonight, other than a couple of potato chips.
Turkey burgers and english muffin in foil to warm
love these turkey burgers and a few chips
enough for supper
          After supper, dishes done and back on our wonderful porch here (love these cabins) finish this posting , enjoy another very warm evening and finish off another book.
this is what we do after supper on our porch.
thanks for the picture last night Patsy
         Had a fun wonderful day again and did get over 4 miles walked again like most days, without even knowing it.
         Thanks again to dropping on by for a visit and hope y'all enjoyed your day as well !
 Want to learn more about Membership camping at Rock Glen Family Resort ? 
click this link
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  1. Rock Glen Falls is beautiful!!!! I (we) love water falls and this one is extremely nice!!
    Sounds like you all have a great porch to relax and read on!!

    1. The Fall are very nice and so close, really enjoy the porch here, it is very nice.

  2. WOW! Rock Glen Falls would be a nice walkabout destination _every_ morning! What a beautiful destination and so close by. Enjoy the last few days on the porch and then all the days coming under your awning.

    1. It is a wonderful walkabout place, but the $4.00 entrance fee would add up real quickly. We are enjoying this porch just like the one I built for our house only this one is smaller, Really loved that porch, but this lifestyle even more.

  3. Love the falls there is just something about water falls and the sound so relaxing

    1. The sound and views of the falls is very relaxing just love it.

  4. Another great day for us all! Thanks for the H.H. location.
    Good time to go to the Falls before the gates open, I'll have to do that too. :)
    enjoy your last day here.

    1. Thanks for joining us of H. H. and glad Bill made it back in time. The early morning walk around the Falls and trails is wonderful. Have been there quite a few times over the years.

  5. Sounds like another fine day. I like that you have a group that regularly meets for happy hour.

    1. It was a wonderful day, and we like to enjoy Happy hours when we meet up with friends, always something to flap out gums about. Open invitations to anyone who wants to join us.

  6. Such a beautiful park. I would probably never buy a turkey burger, but your Weber sure does make them look yummy!!

    1. This is a beautiful park and lovely area.
      We really enjoy the Turkey burgers and healthier too.

  7. It really is a lovely park and looks so inviting. Nice that your membership gives you a discount on the cabins. We have condos for rent here in our park and any friend of mine gets a discount on either an RV site of a condo as we are owners here.

    1. It is a wonderful park, we love it here.
      Membership sure does have it's advantages. And we make good use for them.

  8. Looks like you're getting a little too settled into that cabin. Bet you wish you had a pourch like that on your RV! :cD

    1. Time to move on again. we re enjoying this porch , Almost as nice as the large wrap around porch I built for our house. But the rv lifestyle is much better.


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