Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Rain, Sunny, rain, happy hour and more rain...

Where are we today ? 
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      A light rain overnight and looks like today is mostly overcast with some more rain. But did get a few walkabouts here and there during the day. Walk a bit rain, home for a bit rain, home for a bit rain, you get the picture. But it was a good day to spend one time sorting and culling pictures from my computer and doing another backup.

Campground getting busier, and the grass ingrowing like crazy
     While sitting outside hear this truck pull in so checked it out. Came to take the compactor away to dump and ready for the summer crowds.
up, up and way a good system they have here
            Even got some nice time reading our page turners,  Wonderful we can have our awning out and still enjoy the rain under it with this very nice 75F weather, even a few very short sunny periods here and there.
           After nice work out in the fitness centre, chatting for a while Suzie had a craving for an ice cream. So down to the office for a very tasty cone.
this took care of the craving
    We chatted with a few people that walked by when it was not raining, and more reading between visitors.
more rain
filling our rain ticket quickly
       Then at 3 pm our good friends Gail, Randy and their dog Haillie, stopped in for Happy hour. Suzie has know them much longer than she has known me. Nice to see them back here again at Rock Glen, catching up with each other's lives.
Suzie , Gail and Haillie 
Then Gerry, Tucker, Choco and a new member here joined us
Gail and Randy and
of course the rain came down again, VERY hard,
so they were captives for Happy Hour
Tucker, Gerry and Choco hiding
        The rain stopped and they headed home, I fired up our Weber Q. Whipped up a salad and grilled a couple of salmon fillets, to do with some dill sauce tonight. made with Greek Yogurt instead of Mayo (no Mayo left),
salmon with dill sauce
this was a very tasty light meal sure ht the spot
     Because it is still a nice warm night we can enjoy the rain under our awning, as the skies cleared .  Why not? We love to be outside as much as possible whenever we can.
     That was our fun day and hope y'all had a great one as well, Wrap up this posting and back into my book. Hope to finish tonight before we head on back inside,
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Where have we been this summer?


  1. Looks like the rain will miss us completely this year, arg! I don't want to see my water bill, which will be without a vegetable garden ... again this year :(
    Your salmon looks awesome! One of the local fast food places is offering chorizo fries! I haven't tried them, but thought of you ...

    1. No rain my goodness, must almost be desert like condition. I would not want your water bill either The salmon was very tasty thanks Jeff. Now Chorizo fries sounds very interesting, let me know what they are like if you try them.

  2. It rained here yesterday too. Mum still took me to the beach. I hate the rain. I tried to walk between Mum's legs but she kept tripping over so I just had to run like a madman to keep warm. It's good that you can sit under cover and look at it.

    1. Charley going to the beach in the rain is not too much fun. But at least you could to run and keep warm.
      Enjoying the rain undercover is very nice when it is comfortably warm outside.

  3. Sounds like you all had a very rainy day but enjoyed it anyway! When it rains here this time of year things get pretty steamy and humid!

    1. Its was a warm but comfortable day enjoying the fresh rain outside. Any day we can spend outside is perfect.

  4. Suzie certainly has a way with the puppies!! So much rain during the summer. Is that usual??? We are in a heat wave. Although it's been worse, it's around the mid 90's during the day.

    1. Yes she does enjoying playing with the puppies and they like her, must be the farm girl in her.
      We usually get a fair amount of rain, just never know , calling for a heat wave this weekend into the high 90's F and very high humidity , As long as we have shade and a light breeze it will be wonderful at least for me.

  5. So green! Ice cream looks awesome ya gotta treat yourself once in awhile! Happy hour looks fun even in the rain! I love the way Suzie and the doggies like each other. I'd love a dog one day, but not till we're done traveling. They're fun, but a lot of work. This way the doggies are like grandkids..spoil em and send em home.!

    1. The rain is really making things grow for sure. These kind of pets are really nice, like grandkids soil them have fun and sent them home


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