Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, June 15, 2018

Now in our coach again, can go visit good friends and doggie fixes for Suzie .

Where are we today ? 
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     Wow so nice to be back in our home again, and our own bed. Sleep well? Heck yes we sure did.
     After this morning coffees etc,, I ran (ok I drove the car) to the store for a few food supplies. Then we finished repacking the coach.
a wonderful sunrise here through the trees
      At the No frills this morning this car pulled in beside me, a Bricklin with the gull wing doors. Such a treat to actually see one driving on the road very limited production back in 1974-75 , it's been a few years since I have seen one of these classics.
so nice to actually see one on the road 
     Our coach was all secured then on the road just before 11 am only about and hour's drive on some wonderful back country roads. To visit with our good friends Chris and Bill. Tomorrow they are getting married, Yahoo ! Christine and Suzie have been friends for well over 40 years, when they lived on the farms across the road from each other.
love these back roads
      Got here about noon all parked and set up. Enjoyed a light tasty lunch. Then chatted with Chris and Bill, and their daughter Becky with her new cute puppy Oscar.  Checked out their huge garden and walked about the property for a bit. Nice to see them again.
a nice parking spot here
their deck is nicely finished since last year,
with steps and a railing
Becky and Oscar
tasty fresh strawberries right from their garden
and a huge garden they have
       Even a have a few chickens here for fresh eggs.
         Just puttered around for a while checking things out set up our Weber Q whipped up a salad , prepped some fresh asparagus hat Bill had.  Then prepared this wonderful pork loin roast with a with rub and set on our Weber to grill, low and slow until done to perfection. When almost done added the asparagus. for a few minutes to nicely warm it as well.
a nice large pork loin I got on sale yesterday $1:44 a lb
all done to perfection
       While I was cooking Suzie started with a few doggie fixes with Chris's Pugs and Schnauzers .
     The time to eats so we got to enjoy this tasty lean pork loin asparagus and a salad.
I gotta have applesauce with roast pork
then desert fresh strawberries right from the
garden to wrap up a tasty meal
      Now a couple more doggies fixes for Suzie with Becky's puppy Oscar on the lawn.
he is a playful puppy
Suzie and Chris catching up again
73 kms (45 Miles)
     We had a very nice day, wonderful to be back in our coach once again and back on the road, new countryside and visiting with friends.
     Thanks for joining us in our travels and hope you enjoy some amazing weather just like we did.
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  1. I bet it was nice being back in your own bed...Glad you] were able to go visit some good friends, Bill and Chris, as it is always good to see old friends. You pork loin looked like it turned out great and the meal very appetizing.

    1. It sure is wonderful to be back in our our home again and sleep in our own bed..
      Always nice ti visit with Chris and Bill and will more of the family today. Dinner was excellent thanks, very tasty.

  2. Nice set up your friends have and the meal you made looked fantastic as always.

    1. Always fun to visit with these guys and a tasty meal shared is even better.

  3. Crikey that Oscar sure is a cutie, aye?? I'm glad your back in your own home and on the road again and boy that meal looks great. Well except for the asparagus and salad. Mum loves that asparagus stuff but it makes her pee smell real bad. Does it make your pee smell bad too???

    1. Hi Charlie Oscar is a cutie, pretty short legs compared to you.. The meal very tasty, and yes Charlie it does smell bad if we eat a lot of it, moderation is the trick.

  4. Looks like you are settled into your home again. thats great.
    Have fun at the wedding!

    1. Sure is nice to be back in our home again, and we will have fun here with our friends. Always enjoy weddings.

  5. Happy Yates, cute puppy, great friends and delicious dinner...what more could you ask for!

    1. Yes we happy and enjoying life, doggie fixes , visiting friends and enjoying a tasty meal.
      We are so blessed.

  6. Those right-from-the-garden goodies are hard to beat.

  7. What a beautiful place Chris and Bill have! Dinner looked totally awesome too, I could taste it!haha. Beautiful place for a wedding! Nice that Suzie and Chris have been friends for so long, extra special! I didn't comment about your coach (the day got away)'s gorgeous, what a great job they did on the repairs! Nice to be back home I'm sure!!

    1. Thanks they did a wonderful job on the coach.
      They do have an awesome place here. Dinner was excellent and so tasty.
      It is nice to be back home again.

  8. Now THAT was a puppy fix!! Great looking dinner ... much better than mine!

    1. Yes puppy fixes all over the place here. And dinner was very tasty.

  9. Great to see you back with your freedom and lots of puppy fixes for Suzi.


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