Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Moving a bit further east and a bit south for a while, great travel day even though we missed a turn.

Where are we today ? 
clic a pic to enlarge it
     Hey we are at the Flying J travel centre this morning had a good sleep and got a few nice walkabouts this morning around the trucks and the buses.
     Now I finally realized what 'I" love abut these  truck stops and rest areas. For most of my young life from the time I was about 6 till 17 yrs old, I hung out with my father ( a bus driver for 30 years) around the buses and garages, Then at 17 I began  working at the bus terminals in Toronto and Kitchener Ontario Canada. Selling bus tickets and dispatching these coaches. With, all the bus drivers and buses working in and around the diesel noises and smells.  Then I worked for many years afterwards in factories loading and unloading  trucks and dealing with the truck drivers, Before I followed my dream and opened my own restaurant in 1989 for 10 years. After the restaurant worked again in a factory loading and unloading trucks again.  Hanging around these places really brings back some wonderful memories from my past.
a bus load came in here this morning for breakfast at Denny's
         Reliving my past at these places we finally hit the road at 9 am, again no rush supposed to be only 178 miles.
heading east on I-20 we just boogied  along,
dancing to the tunes on our satellite radio
     Missed our planned turn to head south. No big deal we had a bonus found a wonderful new (to us ) rest area and tornado shelter. So we take a  new scenic route, love new routes !
what a wonderful place this is too 
restroom shelter 
this is it
very secure
      Just a wonderful place to stop, even better with no tornado.
nicely set up
gas .19 cents a gallon, heck I remember .25 cents!
dam I am old!
really kinda cool
       Love  this rain catcher below. 
what a great concept
    A bit further east we head south finally off the interstate heading into Texas Hill country. wonderful 2 lane roads. Can't believe the speed limit here 75 mph !
love these back country roads ,making good  time
       Couple of small Texas towns stopped for a train running through town love watching these guys take their time. are we in a hurry? Not !
watching the train so peacefull
       Cruising right along we came across a nice picnic area to stop and make a nice tasty lunch, So quiet relaxing and peaceful , man this is the life!
a  very nice picnic spot
this be the place
       Now moving right along enjoying the quiet Texas Hill country and wonderful scenery along the way.
nice town square
      Eventually into Whitney Texas past a few neat places and finding our way to the campground .
        Below is the entrance to the campground , have been here many times over the years, Have seen it go downhill and and with new owners very slowly getting back into shape. A membership park for us we  can be here for up to 2 weeks if we like no charge with full hookups. Nothing fancy but we like the area and we like free,
the road in
       We have a very nice large pull through site , no complaints here, check in a set up by 1:30 pm lotsa time to enjoy the day and a week here. Finally off the road for a bit.
nice and sunny warm day 66f this afternoon,
and wonderful out of the breeze
lotsa room here
        Once set up I whipped down the road to Brookshires for a few needed groceries and grabbed a 5.5 lb chicken to cook for supper, only $1.07 a lb we will get a few good meals out of that and a large pot of soup, Yummy.
Weber Q set up and chicken on,
now to relax in the warm sun enjoying our e-readers
shortly after 5 our chicken done, whipped up a salad
and had a feast
oh yeah love our chicken ! 
a bit of a sunset I was kinda late for it tonight
this was our planned route
this was the route we ended up on
only 10 miles further
a new route for us
so was even more fun.
       No matter , our lifestyle is all about the journey, not neccesarily the destination, And today's journey was wonderful , now we can just hang out here and enjoy this area and pretty nice weather for a while,  before moving on down the road again.
       Wanna thank y'all for following our awesome travels and hope the journey of your life takes you some interesting places as well

 Want to learn more about Membership camping at Rock Glen Family Resort ?
 click this link
Where have we been this winter ?


  1. Interesting careers you've had George. I loaded train box cars for one Christmas season and it almost killed me. Lot of back breaking work.

    Great that you got to drive the two lanes through small Texas towns today. Hope the twisters stay away at your present location. Enjoy.

    1. It has been an interestig life and this retired career is the best one yet. We really enjoy the Texas two lanes and small towns a nice afea to explore.

  2. At least you made it! Except I hate that word tornado!! Enjoy your visit in Texas!

    1. Yup we can hang out for a while here, No way for us to avoid tornado alley to get to Arizona and back again but always watch the weather. we love visiting Texas.

  3. Remembering 25 cent gas means you're old? Uh oh, I'm in trouble... ;c)

    1. Oh well at least we can still remember it, lol....

  4. We love traveling the back roads of Texas. They are usually so very wide. Our question too is how could someone go 75 mph on those roads. Seems like suicide.

    1. They are great roads and like you said 75 mph suicide is my thoughts as well.

  5. A perfect travel day with a twist. It's nice to discover a new way to get there. The chicken looks delicious. Enjoy your days staying put.

    1. It was a perfect travel day, with new roads to explore, love it.
      The chicken was wonderful as always.
      We will enjoy our time here, thanks.

  6. New routes are always an adventure! I remember those $.25 per gallon prices as well. I had a '59 Volvo that got 25 - 30 miles per gallon so - a penny a mile! Wish we could get that with the motorhomes now, eh?

    1. We love new routes especially the back roads, loving the adventures. I had '59 Volvo as well, loved it and loved the style of the fastback back then a great car and the penny a mile was wonderful.

  7. Bet your job with the buses and trucks had shorter hours than the restaurant! I even remember 25 cent gas in SoCal! We had pay-at-the-pump coin slots! Ah those were the days. Enjoy the lazy back roads of TX - at 70+ mph!

    1. Yes Jeff I worked mostly a 40 hour week with the buses but in the 60's all the overtime I wanted, at less than 2 bucks an hour, but then I also delivered for a florist and worked part time at a gas station pumping gas. For many years I worked 2-3 jobs and made decent money but did lead to a couple of divorces, I was never home? Duh...
      We are enjoying the Texas back roads bit don't travel those speeds, no need to rush anymore.

  8. I wonder in our visits if Joe knew your dad was a bus driver for 30 years. I think though you knew he drove Greyhound for 32 years

  9. Betty I am pretty sure that I mentioned it at some point. Such a small world it is.


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