Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, March 23, 2018

Overcast, chicken soup, more info about this area, tornado shelter and a dinner out with friends

Where are we today ? 
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     Pretty mild night again great for sleeping. First thing I got our chicken bones from the freezer and let them simmer for a few hours to make a tasty broth. Then got a nice early morning walkabout down towards the lake, an overcast day and only got to 72F with a cool breeze.
did catch a couple of sunrise photos though
springtime yeah !
     Made a quick trip for some groceries to Grove about 8 am and back home then finished up my pot of chicken noodle soup for lunch and a few more as well.
sunrise heading into Grove
soup done
a very tasty lunch
       Walkabout after lunch for a bit, enjoying the fresh air but still overcast.
nice large rental cabins
love this bench
clubhouse is nice
small library and computer room
boats to use fre
that sailboat bridge into Grove 
kids enjoying the playground
      We have been here many times in the past and just happens to be on our route back to Ontario another of our membership parks (resorts of distinction R.O.D.) we can stay for free with full hookups including free very good wifi.
this is where we are
    And we have come close to a Tornado while here. Back on March 30th 2016 when we were here we had a Tornado warning and we were all herded in to the Tornado shelter that is maybe 100 yards from our site, an interesting evening for sure. You can read about that posting HERE  if you care.
a very secure building that we know is right here
if need be
the forecast looks good but we are prepared
     Another couple of times while in this area I went to visit the Hot Rod Museum a very worthwhile visit for anyone who likes these kind of things.
love this hot Rod one of the first I knew about many, many years ago
      Darryl Starbirds National Hot Rod and custom car museum last time I went there was Nov 2013 with good friend Rob Aljo you can check that posting HERE  the pictures of so many of his custom cars are amazing, plus we met Darryl in person, had our pictures taken with him and Rob bought his book that he autographed too cool,  and he showed us his workshop and newest creation.
          After some good reading time and chatting with our friends a bit outside the bunch of us, Bill, Patsy, Ron, Loree and us decided to go down the road to the Cherokee Casino for the Friday Prime Rib special. A nice get together and see ya later, Ron and Loree are heading out in the morning, guess we  will see them back at Rock Glen Resort.
     Arrived at the Casino at 4 pm hopefully for an early dinner, but not available until 5 pm. Oh darn, guess we entertain ourselves with the penny slots. Its been a while so we had fun for an hour won some cash not enough to cash out so we kept playing and we both had fun, Ok we made our donation about 30 bucks, but guess we can do that with our 10 days free camping here with full hookups and even afford a nice prime rib dinner as well. Only $10.99 and was pretty good, not great but was a nice was a nice treat and fun with our friends.
just down the road is the Casino
that be us
then again a pic with me, thanks Ron
nice salad and cold brew to start
my prime rib suppose to be rare, but not bad
only looks rare
Suzie's med well but more done
they were still very tasty and edible
and we enjoyed them
no leftovers
       What a very nice day we enjoyed. Visiting with good friends  and a fun afternoon at the casino and a very tasty meal. Giving Ron and Loree a nice send off as they make their way back home to Ontario.
       That was our fun day here and hope you enjoyed your time wherever you are.
       Thanks for stopping on by.
 Want to learn more about Membership camping at Rock Glen Family Resort ? 
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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. Looks like a fun time. Glad you enjoyed your day.

  2. Although I'd not pass up prime rib, looks like a great day for some homemade soup, and you do it so well. Nice that you have a route that allows you to take advantage of your parks.

    1. Lotsa good easting today and we have lots membership parks that we can enjoy no matter which way we go home sp many choices.

  3. Nice dinner and a little gambling too. Can't beat that. Hope those tornadoes stay away.

    1. It was a nice relaxing day, good food and entertainment fun with our friends. The tornadoes will happen hopefully nit while we are here.

  4. Sounds and looks like you had a great day. I always like the reflections of the landscape off the lakes as you have in your pics.

  5. Yeah, my first daffodil sighting this year. Looks like you both had a full day.

    1. It was my first sighting as well always a nice time of year when this happens.

  6. I know you have driven this route many times, but boy those tornados just scare me away from Oklahoma. I drove through once and that was MORE than enough! You prime rib does look a little like "just off the cow"!!!

    1. We watch the weather and their warning systems here are amazing, so we feel pretty comfortable now. My prime rib only looked like that but was not really that rare.

  7. We had a great day yesterday without doing a whole lot. We each finished a book and will move on to a new one today. Dinner was fun!
    I 'borrowed' your picture with me in it, hope you don't mind.

    1. It was a great day, we got lotsa reading done as well. Yes dinner was fun and you know you can borrow my issuers anytime.

  8. Beautiful sunrise! what a great park you are staying in. Love the pics! Great time out to dinner, your soup looks so good especially on an overcast day! Not a prime rib fan, but bet I could have found something on that menu! Continue on with the fun!

    1. Thanks guys we really love it here, and we had a fun time out with our friends and a great dinner.
      Having fun is what we do.

  9. Really like your 2nd picture of the sunrise with pond. Beautiful with the reflection and trees.
    Nice to be able to get together with friends; looks and sounds like a good time.

    1. Thank you it was a great day all the way around.


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