Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Not a bad day at all, overcast to start and then warmed up wonderfully

Where are we today ?
clic a pic to enlarge it
       Very warm overnight, windows open and blankets off it was 67F outside at 5 am, not complaining just not used to it. No matter it will cool back down again. Got a couple of nice walkabouts early this morning, but there was a cool breeze and overcast, so no sunrise visible to start the day.
but down by the lake a few sites here and a view
of the Sailboat bridge into Grove
and who did I run into, but Patsy 
she is fuzzy as usual
doing what I am doing
a walkabout the park
nice gazebo down by the lake
love the views here across the lake 
think these Canada Geese are following us home!
           Shortly after 8 am our friends Ron, Loree and Freddy secured their coach  and hit the road again, slowly making their way back to Ontario. We will see them again a few times this summer at Rock Glen Resort I am sure. Safe travels guys!
Bill has Freddy under control
Patsy and Loree chatting
these guys are all hooked up and on the road again
safe travels .
           By about 11 am the skies cleared and the sun was shining, perfect ! After a light lunch (I enjoyed Patsy's soup, thanks Patsy, very tasty) we found a spot out of the breeze and back in shorts and t-shirts again. by 2 pm was 77f , does not get much better than this for March here in Oklahoma. A perfect afternoon to relax outside and enjoy our e-readers. Nothing else on the agenda that needed to be done.
loving these blue skies and warm temps
           Another walkabout they are working on the fish pond and putting more rock in place, it is going to be wonderful when all done.
they are hard at work
the pool is open wheel chair ramp here
but it is not heated!
             Then at 3 pm Happy Hour, Bill and Patsy came over to join us for a bit, just a perfect day weather wise. Pretty quiet with out Ron, Loree and Freddy, but we still had fun. Flapping our gums and discussing our fun travels.
Bill, Patsy Me (empty chair) and Suzie
here is Patsy setting up for a group pic
          Soon time to whip up supper I made our salad pt a nice rub on our pork chops and grilled them on our grill mat.
not long and they are so tasty
now this really hit the spot tonight
       We have had a very nice day relaxing , reading, enjoying the sunny warm weather and a happy hour with our good friends.
      Then after supper back outside to read for a while and finish posting this blog pretty well done and at 7:30pm we are comfortable outside , yes a sweater but still 62F we will take all this warm weather that we can get! And enjoy another nice sunset just because we can.
not a bad sunset at all, we will take it!
       Wanna thank y'all for taking the time to stop on by for a visit and hope you had a very nice day as well.
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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. It was a nice day, hoping Ron and Loree made it to their destination today.
    We both took blurry morning pics of each other! :)
    We slipped out at 8:25 to see the international space station go over. Forgot until it was happening.

    1. It was a great sunny day. I am sure they did areal park to hang out for a while.
      I guess we both blurry in the morning eh?
      Missed it again.

  2. Such a lovely life with friends and good food. That pool looks too cold for me

    1. It is a great live Sue. The pool is not heated very cold!

  3. We made it to Lost Valley 'bout 14:30. Misty & damp here. Thks for the nice send off. Loree says a big hi!

    1. Glad that you made it there safely and in good time, was great to hook up with you again. Enjoy your time there and hope it warms up a bit for you.

  4. Beautiful pics George! Great looking happy hour! Love the park you are at, seems they really created a beautiful park!

    1. Thanks guys it was a fun Happy Hour and they are really fixing this place up beautifully very nice indeed.

  5. I don't see a lot of people in the pool!!! LOL That sure is a nice looking park though!! Glad the weather is holding out for you.

    1. Nobody it that pool way too cold!
      The weather is good so far.

  6. You really are making this RV Park very appealing. I can just imagine when the weather is warm enough to enjoy the pool and everything in the area is green and lush. Even now it looks great.

    1. It is a very nice park on the lakes, being fixed up very nicely.

  7. Safe travels as you continue your trip north.

  8. Another relaxing day. Glad you're having such nice weather. I like Patsy's camera four pod😂.

    1. It sure was we take the great weather when we can get it, Was a wonderful day.


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