Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Last day here at Holtville Hot Springs LTVA, time to move on down the road again tomorrow.

Where are we today ?
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               Started this morning with another colourful sunrise and my first walkabout for a couple of miles before 8 am, perfect weather. Overnight was in the high 50's and great for sleeping with the windows open.
caught another nice desert sunrise again
       Then a nice walkabout a few areas and down the road to the steam turbines that generate electricity here from the hot water in this area, The same place the water comes from for the Hot Springs here. While walking down this road I found a mudflap in the bush probably fell off one of the  dump trucks that fly down this road.
their link clic HERE 
    Another walkabout around this area, it is a busy place but still lots of nice quiet camping areas here.
      This is what is left of the mudflap after I cut it down to size. The right rear one was mostly gone so this will take care of that issue.
got what I needed from here
the flaps are behind the duals and we have a dirt skirt at the back of our coach
they both keep the stones from hitting our towed
       Then shortly after 1 pm, because I could headed over to the hot springs for a hot shower and nice relaxin soak in the hot tub. It is very hot so only a few minutes is more than enough for me.
always love this lagoon just one more picture
I have hundreds already
        Always people there but not too busy right now the hot shower to the left is wonderful and the tub over 5 feet deep is awesome !
        Heading back I spotted this 1950? International pickup in very nice shape.
       At home I prepped our back ribs for the Weber Q with sauerkraut, For the recipe you can find it on my recipe blog , top right sidebar.  I picked them up the other Day at Fry's in Yuma on sale, a very good price! $5.85 for this whole rack and we will get 2 very tasty meals out of it.
love the price
I cooked half of this for us to share and froze the other half
        Now to relax in the shade enjoying our page turners, 82f (27C) this afternoon another perfect winter day. After checking our true pressures and secure the solar panel. While we can smell the ribs cooking.
swimsuit and towel dries pretty quick with no humidity here
     Then at 3:30 for our final Happy hour this trip with all our friends here from Ontario and New York.
Doggie fix for Suzie, Nina on her lap,
she looks at me and sticks her tongue out!
Lorie in the back ground 
      After a couple of hours, low and slow, our ribs are ready to be glazed on our grill mat. Spaghetti squash in foil.
the finishing touches
added to our salad the squash and sauerkraut made things very tasty
       This was our last day here in Southern California at the Hot Springs for now, with more perfect weather. Said our see ya laters to our friends here.We have been meeting up with them once or twice a year for about 10 years now. Then be back on the road in the morning to another interesting place to hang out for a while.
      Thanks again for stopping on by and hope your day was a great one as well.

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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. We used your rib recipe this summer and really liked them. In fact, our daughter and her kids were over the second time and they also really liked them, no left overs. We could not believe how tender they were.
    Safe travels as you move down the road tomorrow.

    1. Thanks a few more miles enjoying the sights.
      Glad you enjoyed them so tasty and tender, just the way we love them.

  2. Already a new destination !! Nothing to do but follow along :)

  3. Glad you enjoyed your last day there at Hot Springs. Safe travels!!

    1. We always enjoy the Hot Springs here and visiting our good friends.

  4. I'm beginning to think you can't sit still very long. Sort of like that old cartoon show, Ricochet Rabbit. ;c)

    1. Lol, you finally figured that out. very rare for us to stay in one place longer that a week or so. Especially in the southwest when we have so many options.

  5. Your rib recipe is the only way I cook ribs now. Time for ribs again.

    1. Glad you enjoy them that way we really enjoy them so tasty and tender.

  6. Love what you did with the mudflap! Perfect. Dinner looked awesome as always! Another beautiful day!

    1. Thanks works for me, these are a custom size much cheaper to get a free one and make it work.Does the trick!
      Dinner was very tasty thanks, Even had leftovers.

  7. Once I get to Arizona, ribs will be on my menu!! I never knew there were hot springs there. Looks like a nice place.

    1. The ribs are yummy as usual, and the Hot springs here so very refreshing. love them.

  8. The hot springs look interesting, we may have to give it a try sometime.
    Safe travels!

  9. Nice to move on when it is time. Nothing keeps us where we don't want to be.


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