Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Bloggerfest fun, and much faster internet access.

Where are we today ?
clic a pic to enlarge it
        After a great nights sleep up and I am ready for the day. Ready to get out and about at 7;30 as the sun was rising but too chilly for my first walkabout. So a nice drive into town and around  (nice in the early mornings with no traffic). Just grabbed a head of lettuce and the Roadrunner market and back to home dirt again.
          We have noticed this year that our Verizon mifi internet is much faster and very little slow downs compared to previous years and we do not have a booster. Compared to 2006 when extremely slow or non existent  at times.
My first drive about town stopped to take a couple of pics
the Camel stop. service station from days gone by
old post Office from back then as well
        A bit later a stop by the Reader's Oasis Book store. To get a refund from Paul Winer's concert last Monday that was cancelled because he had the flu. Finally opened up again today. His wife was there (just over the flu) he is still sick in bed. Hope he gets better soon !
this be Paul such a character and great entertainer
he has a very full bookstore as well
          Back to parking lot I spotted this Old ford pick up truck parked right beside me, Purrs like a kitten and the paint job typical SW desert old vehicle. no paint but still solid as a rock.
        Back home  around noon in time for lunch and noticed that Rick had out up the Bloggerfest Signs that I made 2 years ago. Glad that Paula is keeping them in good shape.
this be the way
      This year Paula In the Shadows ( Shadowmoss) is the spokes person/ co-ordinator  and wanted this to happen again. Our 4th annual Bloggerfest. Thanks Paula! Rick and Kathy arranged the Ramada and set up the signs and it all came together.
Shadowmoss (Paula) welcoming  us all and we made our introductions
     This was done and we all socialized, chatting and sharing stories. what a great time to meet and greet fellow bloggers and meet some new followers as  well.
Dave, Doug and Yuma
group shot that I got with our fun bunch
         Below is the picture that Bill took with his drone (on Our way ) thanks for sharing Bill.
Bill's drone
      While chatting we had snacks to share, gotta nibble while we chat ya know.
lots of tasty snacks
Yes Dolly, Doug and Yuma are here
nice ti see them again
Kay and Red from east Texas.
blog followers
was wonderful finally meet you guys!
hope we can chat again!
      We headed home just before  4 pm and enjoyed some reading time here in the sun shine with no wind.  Then Ken and Shirley pulled in with their trailer. For a final Happy Hour with us . They are heading out first thing in the morning and will stop at the dumpstaion after happy hour.  Our final see ya later until the next time, Will see y'all on down the road guys, travel safe!
Ken and Shirley ready to heading on out
Seeing America with Ken and Shirley
our final Happy hour for now with the 8 of us until next time.
    Then I headed on home to make a quick light supper.  Tonight only a Grilled Turkey garlic sausage on a bun with sauerkraut was all we need after the afternoon snacks at bloggerfest.
sausage, smal foil heat the kraut and the buns warming in the the large foil.
this was all we needed for supper tonight
sure hit the spot
    Then just a couple of sunset pictures to end a wonderful desert day.
              Have had a few more requests of  Our daily lettuce salad and dressing  we make, you can click HERE or my recipe blog top right sidebar.
              We had a wonderful day here the winding up of the rv crowds here in Q, Bloggefest was a success once again and the sunny weather not too bad at ll , Other than a cool Nw breeze.
        Wanna thank y'all for stopping on by and hope yo had a great day as well.

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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. What a nice day.
    Bloggerfest looks to have been a success once again. Looks like a great time was had by all.
    Happy Hour is always entertaining!
    Great pictures as usual.

    1. It was a wonderful day, Bloggerfest fun meeting fellow bloggers, and an enjoyable Happy hour.

  2. You had a good size crowd at Bloggerfest! It is becoming popular.

    1. Yes Croft we did have a good turn out but missed you, Paul did a great job.

  3. Always nice to meet up with fellow bloggers - glad yo had a good time.

  4. Great pictures George! We'll be looking forward to Bloggerfest 5 next year. Nice to meet the friends we've been following on blogs! Kay and Red are an adorable couple, glad they came out! Glad we had one more happy hour (for now)..Thank yo for the salad recipe! We have all the stuff and Ken had the salad dressing on one of our lunch salads the other day, he's been a die hard thousand island person for 50 years, but he loves this one. No grounds in our coffee this morning again! Thank you!

    1. Thanks guys it was a fun day and always fun to meet fellow bloggers face to face. I am so Glad that Kay ad Red came out too, too bad it took me so long to click in on who they were. Sent me an email a couple of weeks ago. I have always loved Thousand Island as well , but now enjoy some of the other healthier ones as well.
      Gotta love those coffee filters for the perk, glad you like them. You can buy them on e-bay.
      Travel safe !

  5. And I thought I was the only one to use sunflower seeds and cranberries in every salad I make!! I'm glad bloggerfest went well. Looks like a fun time!

    1. No Nancy you are not alone, the salad itself can be a complete meal everything you need right there.
      Bloggerfest went vey well thanks a fun time.

  6. Thanks for taking the time to share Bloggerfest with all of us. Nice to see who was there. I doubt that we will ever get there as it is too far from Mazatlan for us to attend but our thoughts are always with you.

    1. Glad that you could join us in spirit, yes it is much to far north for you to come and visit.

  7. another fun day with a great Bloggerfest and Happy Hour.

    1. It was a fun day for sure, as things wind down again.

  8. Nice to see that Bloggerfest was a success. Sad to have missed it. Next year.

  9. Great to see you and Suzie again this year. It was a lot of fun for both Yuma and I to meet so many people.

    1. Always nice to see you and Yuma again and all the other people as well.

  10. Nice to see you guys again George. Hope we get to attend another Bloggerfest, it was fun!

    1. Great to see you guys as well, always fun chatting with fellow blogger's.


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