Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Last day here and enjoying this amazing weather with friends.

Where are we today ? 
clic a pic to enlarge it
    What an awesome sunrise we had today. And just as this was happening about 7:30 I took nice walkabout, to start our day.
another amazing desert sunrise
       Then we hung out for a bit. Shortly after 9 we made a quick trip to town for Suzie to get her hair trimmed. She does this only a couple of times a year and likes the hairdresser here in Quartzsite, she does a nice job, quick easy and reasonable.
        While she did this I wandered over to the Road Runner Grocery store just because and check out the swap meet (junkyard) next door the same junk this guy has had here for years. Does he actually sell anything?
this be the junk yard
yeah right!
     Then back home for a light lunch, loaded some more books to my Kobo and puttered around a bit outside. Checked our tires, cleaned up a bit, put the bicycles back on the bike rack. While I did this Suzie cleaned the inside of our house, and washed the floors , Smells like new house again, she does an amazing job !  Opened our awning and sunshade end enjoyed our e=readers for a while. And because we leaving in the morning we can both have a good long shower, then dump and fill when we pull out.
on the roof to lower our solar panel
and take a couple of photos
such a large area we have and so quiet
     Now at 3 pm our final Happy Hour with our friends here. until the next time.
Patsy flew over to join us, flapping her wings
coming in for a landing
      Deb brought over a pitcher of beer margaritas  to share with us. Thanks Deb they are amazing !
Beer margaritas 
yup these are tasty !
Patsy getting ready for a group shot
thanks Patsy this be us all together
      Soon time to whip  up supper. so I preheated our Weber Q and low and slow grilled a couple of these very large chicken breasts I bought the other day on sale, only .77 cents a lb. Grilled 2 today shared one for supper the other for leftovers and think a pot of chicken soup in the near future as well.
this was a great deal and we do love chicken
chicken done and some fresh asparagus on the grill
added to our salad and some cranberry Orange sauce to go with it
was wonderful
tonight's sunset, not like the sunrise but
still interesting
         Managed to have a very nice end of January warm day and getting this done before we de-camp in the morning and relocate, Have a few things to get done in the area then head on down the road again. Somewhere . not sure yet.
        Glad that you dropped on by and hope you had a wonderful day as well.

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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. Beautiful sunrise!

  2. Which beer for the margaritas? I use Bud as it doesn't foam as much as some. But if you don't blend it may not matter.

    1. Deb used Corona but does use Bud as well, for the margaritas and I don't think she blended it, they were very good though

  3. It was a beautiful sunrise this morning. We enjoyed our last Happy Hour, for this year, at LaPosa South it has been great fun. Glad you liked the beer margaritas. It will seem strange stepping out and not seeing your motor home and the Suite our last few days here. Looking forward to crossing paths again down the road. Travel Safe.

    1. It sure was a very nice sunrise. Our Last Happy hour until the next time, the Margaritas were very tasty. New scenery for all of us now, until we meet again.

  4. Love the pictures. The guy misspelled Indian. Too funny.
    Great picture of that unusual bird Patsy, as seen by the pictures it was a good safe landing.
    Like the pics from the roof, always a different view from up high.
    Happy hour looked fun.
    Safe travels!!

    1. hanks Deb it was another wonderful day here in the desert now will go looking for some more desert.

  5. Another beautiful day beginning with the sunrise! Your pics of Patsy flying are too cute! Dinner looked amazing once again, love chicken breasts and of course your salad which is on the menu this evening. Travel safe!

    1. It was a wonderful day all the way around, we love the chicken too and of course the salad really hits the spot.

  6. Aren't the sunrises just gorgeous? Great picture!! Y'all have a good trip ... can't wait to see where you end up.

    1. Thanks Nancy it was a great day, we not going too far for a few days still need to get things done in the area.

  7. I like beer and I like margaritas but never heard of a beer margarita - do you have a recipe?

    1. Yes Larry check Patsy Irene comment below, think you would love these.

  8. Would love that recipe for the beer margaritas!!

    1. I'll answer this request Dee, since I specifically asked Deb for it.
      12 oz frozen limeade
      12 oz tequila
      12 oz. beer
      12 oz. soda (7up or sprite etc.)
      salted rim
      No blending, just pour into a container together. Yummy!

  9. Great last day here together. It will be quiet for Deb and Tom after 9:30. We are in no rush with only a short distance and 11 am check in.
    Nice bird in your pictures, hahaha! I forgot about those pics!
    Travel safe, enjoy your continued travels.

    1. It was a wonderful last day together for now, we had a shorter distance.
      You did a nice flying job and smooth landing, thanks for dropping in.

  10. Replies
    1. Sorry Jan no photo just a trim at the back instead of 18 inches long now 16 inches nobody would notice.

  11. Have a safe travel day. Looks like you had a fun happy hour.

  12. Beautiful sunrise photo. I guess not everybody in the southwest learns how to spell. Great advertising 😂

    Seemed like it was a special group this year. Everyone seemed to clique.

    Safe travels.

    1. You are right about the spelling, It was a fun different group this years and we all seems to click. Nice to see that happen .


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